How to use the overhead stowage


From the outside, flight attendants are seemingly stoic creatures; calm, composed and always willing to please a passenger. But there are a few things that annoy them – and incorrectly storing your bag in the overhead storage locker is one of them.


Long-time flight attendant Heather Poole spoke with Travel+Leisure to explain, once and for all, how passengers should use overhead storage.


The short answer is that bags should be placed in wheels first, with jackets and coats on top, and any smaller bags placed under the seat. Putting your bag in wheels first makes it quicker and easier to pull it out when you’re alighting the plane.


Also, don’t take up the entire storage area, make sure your bag isn’t too heavy (ie: not overweight) and if there’s no room in the bin above your seat, don’t move (or remove) another passenger’s bag, just use one a few rows forward or back. There are a few other guidelines, but we’ll let you watch the video to learn them.



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Do you follow the rules for using overhead bins? Have you had any bad experiences or altercations because of bad bin usage?


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