Is this the world’s best Airbnb?


Is this the best Airbnb in the world? If you are a booklover then, quite possibly, yes. In one of its more unique offerings, the accommodation site allows you to try your hand at running a bookshop.

Located in Wigtown, Scotland’s National Book Town, the apartment is above a traditional bookshop, appropriately named The Open Book. It was founded by The Wigtown Festival Company and is the first bookshop residence in the world. 

Costing just £28 per night, equivalent to approximately A$50, the one-bedroom apartment comes with wifi, a laptop and bikes, and offers guests the chance to manage the downstairs bookshop for the duration of their stay. Aided by a team of friendly volunteers, of course.


the open book scotland


Truly a one-of-a-kind experience, the listing allows guests to enjoy the bookshop as they wish, adding that “many residents have had a busy time joining local families for dinner or gatherings at the pub, other residents spend the holiday in the cosy apartment upstairs and out exploring”.

With renters encouraged to host readings and other ‘biblio-related’ activities, your stay is somewhat of a blank page. Past guests have even set up a blog to share their experiences, with future guests invited to continue on the legacy. One of the requests of guests is that they “contribute to the unique literary community of Scotland’s National Book Town”, which consists of 1000 residents and 10 bookshops. Not a bad ratio – one for every 100 people!


the open book bookshop scotland


Wigtown is located in Galloway, a picturesque setting by the sea, complete with castles, woodlands and the obligatory Scottish whisky distillery.

You can book your stay at The Open Book through Airbnb. This is one life change you may want to road test beforehand!

Would you like to try your hand at running a bookshop? What’s the most interesting accommodation you’ve ever stayed in?

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