Japan’s compelling tourist campaign

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has released a new campaign aiming to keep the beauty of Japan alive in the minds of travellers to be. While many borders remain closed, and international travel seems to be at a standstill, it seems that all many travel organisations can do is sow the seeds of wanderlust among those dreaming of travelling abroad, in the hopes that they are the first destination thought of when it comes time to book. While many destinations are trying the same tactic, JNTO has gone about it in a uniquely beautiful way.

“We hope that we can reach Australian and New Zealand travellers through the culture, history and wide-open spaces that Japan has in abundance,” said Yoko Tanaka, executive director of JNTO’s Sydney office. “We want everyone to know that we will welcome them with open arms when the time is right, and that Japan is one of the best options available.”

They have released a series of compelling clips that are calm and relaxing to watch, but feature an array of landscapes, destinations and experiences that capture your imagination. In the bottom right-hand corner of these videos, you’ll see a small map of the country with a pin moving around to show to what part of the country you’re seeing. You can almost imagine catching a train to see the monkeys in the hot pools, feeding the roaming deer in Nara, exploring shrines and experiencing the night life in Osaka.

JNTO has also created the hashtag #stayhomewithjapan, which encourages people to stay safe and stay connected while sharing their own personal links with Japan. Some are using it to share old travel photos from their trips around Japan, while others are sharing photos of Japanese food and relics they have in their own homes.

Even if you don’t intend to visit Japan any time soon, watching the curated videos is time well spent. They’re both relaxing and exciting at the same time, reminding you that there is a wide-open world out there, and even though the we can’t get to it right now, it’s waiting as eagerly as we are.

Have you visited Japan before? Would you consider a trip there once international borders reopen?

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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