Jumping crocs in slow motion

Crocodiles may be bloody scary, but captured in slow motion, they’re also quite beautiful.

While a major reason many people want to go to the Northern Territory is to see crocodiles, some may prefer to watch them from afar or maybe even on a screen.

This footage and accompanying soundtrack are simply mesmerising; so much so, I watched it twice in a row.

I was lucky to visit NT in November last year and I was hoping to see the jumping crocs at Adelaide River on my tour. Alas, our plans were changed and I missed my chance to see them. I only managed to see the tail end of a big one from the Crocosaurus Cove gift shop, so witnessing these prehistoric wonders in the wild is still on my travel to-do list. For now, though, I’ll have to settle for this amazing footage.

Have you seen crocs in the wild?

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