Luggage tracking device

It’s always slightly nerve-racking parting with your luggage when you check in. Trying to stop thoughts such as “will I ever see it again” from racing around your head.

So, now the good news. There’s a way to track your luggage so you can rest assured you’ll be reunited with it at the other end. Introducing the LugLoc from Genius Pack. Simply place the tracker inside your luggage before you travel and download the LugLoc app to your smartphone.

If your luggage is ever lost or misplaced, you can use the LugLoc app to track it directly from your smartphone. The Luggage Locator utilises GSM technology so it can be tracked places where GPS wouldn’t be able to, and the battery life lasts for 15 days.

Once the LugLoc device responds with its location you receive a notification that your luggage was located, allowing you to then view the whereabouts of your luggage in the App.

Fully FAA, TSA and FCC Compliant, you can have peace of mind that you’ll never lose your luggage again.

RRP: approx. $49 plus postage from LugLoc

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