Luxury holidays with your pet

Want a luxury holiday without having to leave your four-legged family member behind? Sure you do. But sadly, Fido often has to stay home when all that’s available are pet-friendly places that are tired and trashed.

Pet owners have a right to savvy and stylish accommodation, and to take their beloved fur children with them – instead of feeling guilty about leaving them with someone else or, worse, in a kennel.

More smart accommodation providers are becoming aware of the situation to the point where a few are even offering special canine menus and acres of room to play fetch.

So, where can you find such five-star style lodging for you and your pooch (or kitty)? For places all over the continent, try Beautiful Accommodation, stayz, Love Me Love My Dog and Holidaying with Dogs.

Before you book your holiday, however, you may wish to find out about some of these things:

  • will your pet be allowed indoors?
  • is the yard fully fenced and puppy-proofed?
  • what provisions are there for your pet – food and water bowls, toys, beds, kennel, covered outdoor area, etc?
  • are there extra fees for cleaning or a bond?
  • is your pet able to stay indoors while you’re out and about?


Also, remember to consider the impact of your holiday on your pet. Since you’re on holidays with them, be with them as much as possible. Otherwise they can feel stressed if left alone for long periods in a new environment. So this may mean choosing your accommodation in a location that is also pooch friendly, such as those with nearby leash-free parks, and cafes and restaurants with outdoor eating spaces. You may also want to check whether there are any doggy day care centres in the area.

Lastly, some pets don’t fare well while on the road or in a plane. So do your best to make their experience calm and enjoyable as well. Your vet may be able to help you with this.

Have you taken your pet on a luxury holiday with you? What’s been your experience? Any recommendations? 

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