How to make space on your phone before travelling

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There’s nothing worse than when you’re all ready to take a winning travel shot only to be informed by your phone that there’s not enough space to do so.

Thankfully there are some simple ways to clear some room on your phone before you head away for your next trip. Here are five of them.

1. See what’s taking up the space
The first step is to check which apps on your phone or device are taking up the most storage space. This can usually be accessed through your settings; on iPhones you can check this under General > Usage and Storage.

2. Delete, delete, delete
Armed with the information from step one, you can see where you can free up the largest amount of space as quickly as possible. Uninstall any apps that you don’t use, because this will immediately free up space – you can always reinstall them later if you decided you do need them.

3. Manage your music
Music is one of the biggest storage zappers on your device. Go through and delete any songs you don’t listen to or need anymore – you’d be surprised at how much space even a single song needs. Spotify is a great way to access music on the go, and it takes up a lot less space than storing it all in Apple’s music app.

4. Preserve your pictures and videos
Pictures and videos also take up a large chunk of space on your device. Delete any you don’t want, and store any you don’t need continual access to on a hard drive or your computer. This is also safer, because it means you won’t lose them if your phone goes walkabout.

5. Clear your cache
Your phone stores more information about you the more you use it. This, of course, takes space. You can clear the cache on your phone by accessing where you manage apps and checking whether there is extra data that can be deleted. On iPhones, this is again under the Usage section stored within each app’s ‘profile’. On an Andriod phone you’ll find this in Manage My Applications.

By now you should have cleared enough space on your device to get snap happy on your holiday. Should you still get stuck, my emergency move is always to delete another song – this frees up enough room for a couple more snaps and you can always download it again when back home.

How do you manage your device for travel? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments.

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    Leave it at home and take a camera

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    I just bought a gnew gadget for my Iphone 6+ iData by MiLi.

    it connects via the lightning port and then can store 32MG of data. I can download movies from my computer and watch them on the plane. I can download files and phots from my iphone as backups to my computer. In fact it increases the memory on my iphone – which we have been unable to do before.
    there are a few noe coming onto the market- ranging fro about $40- $ 200. but while I was doing some research I opted for the dearer Mili MG $120 posted as it was able to translate a huge number of codes that have been a huge problem in the past. No doubt they will get cheaper



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