Man’s best travel companion

The humble backpack is moving ahead in leaps and bounds. With in-built solar panels and chargers, foldable backpacks and even ones that contain secret hang bags. But all these innovations didn’t make us nearly as excited as the most recent one we stumbled across, which is designed to carry your dog.

The Ruffit Dog Carrier is the world’s first front facing, open air model. While leads are great for short strolls, they can be completely inappropriate at other times such as where there is a large amount of foot, or road, traffic.

Anyone who has a pooch also knows their little legs can tire out quite quickly sometimes, preventing them from being able to come on longer or more challenging adventures. Until now, that is. Whether you want to conquer the city, or hit the open road there’s no reason your pooch can’t be there by your side, or on your back in this case!

With a design incorporating different settings including wide and slim, removable side panels and mesh inserts for ventilation, Ruffit Dog Carriers ensure that your four-legged friend will travel in complete comfort.

With four base colours to choose from and a helpful sizing guide, you can rest assured your furry child will be able to breathe easy and see, what you see with a 360 view – talk about the best seat in the house.

A gadget truly designed for man’s best friend, we’re certain that this is the best backpack ever invented.

RRP: USD$99 plus shipping from Ruffit

Watch the video and tell us what you think? Do you have a furry friend who would benefit from coming on more adventures with you?

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Written by SJ


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