Medical mishaps more likely

Australian travellers are three times more likely to suffer medical mishaps on holidays than losses, delays or cancellations, says a new travel insurance study.

The study, conducted by InsureandGo, reveals that while cancellations, delays, thefts and loss of luggage can ruin a holiday, it’s our health that we should be warier of while on holiday.

The report showed that injuries and illness are more likely to occur on holiday than other issues, evident by the number of medical claims made for emergency medical, surgery, hospital treatment, ambulance, and repatriation costs since July 2016.

Research shows that in this period, around 63 per cent of travel insurance claims made by Australian travellers were for medical services, but only 23 per cent of claims were for cancellations and delays. One in 12 were claims for lost, stolen or damaged luggage.

The highest number of medical claims were made by travellers in North, Central and South America, with 73 per cent of all applications relating to health. Next was Asia, where two in three claims related to health issues.

Have you suffered a medical mishap while overseas? Did your insurance cover you for it?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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