Most satisfying Aussie airline

There’s a reason you’ll often have to pay a little more for a Qantas Airlines airfare.

When it comes to budget airlines and lower-priced competitors, customer service is usually the first casualty.

That’s one aspect Qantas doesn’t scrimp on, as proven by the popular Aussie airline winning the Annual Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards for both the Domestic Airline and Domestic Business Airline of the year for the fourth straight year.

Qantas has again been rated Australia’s most satisfying domestic airline, achieving a customer satisfaction rating of 86.4 per cent – just ahead of stablemate Qantaslink on 86.1 per cent and well ahead of key rival Virgin Australia on 83.2 per cent, and budget airlines Jetstar on 64.1 per cent, with Tigerair on 61.4 per cent.

Smaller carrier REX (Regional Express) finished with a customer satisfaction of 77.1 per cent.

Domestic business travellers also ranked Qantas highly, with a satisfaction rating of 85.2 per cent, above Virgin Australia at 81.5 per cent and Jetstar at 65.5 per cent.

 “Qantas has begun 2018 as it ended 2017, as Australia’s top domestic airline for customer satisfaction for the 10th month in a row,” said Roy Morgan chief executive Michelle Levine.

“Qantas has maintained a solid lead over key rival Virgin Australia, which last won the Roy Morgan monthly customer satisfaction in April 2017 and had a customer satisfaction rating of 83.2% in February. Qantas and Virgin Australia are both well ahead of regional carrier REX (Regional Express) and budget airlines including Jetstar and Tigerair.

“Qantas has also maintained its stranglehold as the leading airline for domestic business travellers in Australia, with a business airline customer satisfaction rating of 85.2 per cent, clear of Virgin Australia on 81.5 per cent and well on course to follow up on four consecutive annual victories in the category.

“Another positive for Qantas is Australia’s huge market for domestic travel. Over 11.6 million Australians now say they’d like to spend a holiday in Australia in the next two years. Victoria is Australia’s leading destination state with nearly 3.8 million Australians nominating the state as a travel destination ahead of larger neighbour New South Wales on just over 3.6 million.”

Which is your favourite domestic airline?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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