Travel News

How the pandemic has changed travel trends

Lingering longer and going slow are on the agenda.

Food-themed hotel suites

Bread and breakfast or a cheese-lovers dream?

Half-price airfares start today. Here’s what you need to know

If you're in desperate need of a holiday after a year under the shadow of coronavirus, you're not

Government to subsidise domestic fares to get Aussies travelling

Government halves the price of nearly 800,000 airfares to get Aussies to take a holiday.

Travel refund problems a ‘dreadful, dreadful situation’: ACCC boss

The law doesn't always enforce a refund for trips cancelled because of COVID-19.

Can you guess the city from a virtual walk around the streets?

If you are missing international travel this game could help fill the void.

How Hongkongers hope to stay lucky this Chinese New Year

HKTB asked Hongkongers to share how they stay lucky over Chinese New Year.

Getting back to your Irish roots

Start your search today, visit tomorrow!

Happiest countries in the world revealed

Can you guess the happiest country?

COVID-19 ruined travel plans in 2020, so how can you book with confidence this year?

What do you need to know before you booking a trip in 2021?

Australia extends NZ travel bubble decision

Travellers forced to wait another 72 hours for answers.

Airlines with the best free COVID cover

A guide to the best free COVID-19 insurance policies offered by airlines.

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