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Australian island named world’s best

Not just one, but two Aussie islands have been named the best in the world.

How many of the world’s top attractions have you been to?

These top attractions are bound to surprise.

Qantas tells where Aussies can expect to travel in early 2021

Aussie airline reveals that New Zealand and parts of Asia could be on the table.

Uncover the spooky past behind Colorado’s ghost towns

This Halloween is out, but maybe you can start planning for next year?

Where you should travel in March 2021

The best domestic destinations for autumn 2021.

Airline update: How safe is the air in aeroplanes?

The US Department of Defense suggests that people don't need to worry about circulating air

Airline boss says aviation will die unless pre-flight testing is approved

Airline boss says aviation will die unless pre-flight testing is approved.

Coral Expeditions restarts cruising in Australia

The voyage marks the culmination of months of preparation.

Which countries suffered most from COVID-19?

Travel ground to a halt for much of this year, but some countries were hit harder than others.

15-minute COVID test could be Australia’s ‘freedom pass’

Are 15-minute COVID-19 tests Australia's ‘freedom pass'?

Airlines planning to ditch ‘ladies and gentleman’ greetings’

Japan Airlines, EasyJet and Air Canada to use gender-neutral announcements.

A Dolly Parton themed bar just opened in Nashville

And it's got a giant bust of the woman herself.

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