Travel News

How to save for travelling

We share a few simple ways to save for your dream holiday.

A day in Daylesford

Less than two hours from Melbourne, Daylesford is the perfect destination for a day trip.

Air travel with Restless Legs Syndrome

Is a long haul flight too difficult for suffers of Restless Legs Syndrome?

Which luggage is right for you?

We compare your options so you can choose the right luggage.

Where are all the eligible bachelors?

Our list of the top 10 cities of the world to find the most eligible bachelors.

Thai Airways lands in Perth

Find out the latest news from Australia's airlines.

Dry Pak

Protect your phone, so if it ends up in the drink, it doesn't drown.

When to cruise where – part one

Part one of our A-Z guide to the most popular cruising regions, featuring the top seven.

Credit card travel insurance

Does credit card travel insurance offer enough cover?

Selfie stick

This Camera/Smart Phone Boom Arm solves a major problem for solo travellers.

Healthy hotels

The Gear Lending Program is Westin Hotels & Resorts latest game changing service.

How will you die?

After the recent spate of airline disasters, many people are afraid to fly

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