Australia is officially the most popular country on Instagram

Australia really is one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world, and these photos make it easy to see why.

Tourism Australia’s Instagram page has recently hit five million followers, making it the most followed national destination page in the world.

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A lot of other popular destinations on Instagram don’t even come close with their follower count. Canada has 1.8 million followers, New Zealand’s sitting on 1.1 million, Japan’s on 516k and England has 409k.

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What’s the secret? According to Susan Coghill, Tourism Australia’s chief marketing officer, posts featuring Australia’s unique and ultra-cute wildlife are consistently among the most liked images.

“Our Aussie animals are always sure-fire favourites on our social channels and the cheekier the pic, the more likely people are to take notice,” Ms Coghill said.

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“Some of our best-performing posts of all time have been kangaroos scratching their bellies and koalas lounging about.

“And that’s not to mention the wombats with their booty shakes!”

The @australia page was started more than a decade ago. The page posts two or three pictures every day showing an array of idyllic landscapes, furry critters and jaw-dropping scenery.

The Tourism Australia team scroll through thousands of images and videos submitted through the hashtag #seeaustralia and pick the best of the bunch.

Tourism Australia’s managing director, Phillipa Harrison, thinks this achievement proves that Australia really is one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world.

“The page now has more than five million followers who are all keen to catch a glimpse of Australia’s most breathtaking tourism destinations and our most adorable native animals,” she said.

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“Instagram is just one way Tourism Australia continues to ensure Australia remains top-of-mind so travellers around the world return to our shores as soon as borders reopen.”

What’s your favourite picture on the Tourism Australia Instagram? Do you like to see photos of our fantastic wildlife or more scenic images? Why not share your thoughts on the most photogenic spot in Aus?

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Written by Ellie Baxter