Belfies are the new selfies

Selfies are officially so last year. But what they’ve been replaced with is likely to make you blush.

The belfie – otherwise know as pictures of your own naked bum – is taking Instagram feeds by storm. Thanks to #cheekyexploits, travellers, young and old, are taking to sharing their bare-bum pics without any embarrassment whatsoever.

From the brave women who have bared all in the frozen north of Iceland to the men dropping the pants with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, it’s time to get creative with your holiday snaps.

And, if you don’t have a butt like Kim Kardashian or dropping your britches seems just a bit too extreme to get the best holiday snaps, then it is acceptable to keep your pants on – you may just not get as many likes!

Thankfully, it’s a trend that doesn’t quite seem to have taken off on Facebook – so you can avoid belfies, as well as selfies, if you so choose.

Just for fun, where would you like to take a belfie?

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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