Can you guess the city from a virtual walk around the streets?

As we rapidly approach the one-year anniversary of Australia’s international borders being closed, you will not be alone in missing the joys of travelling overseas.

Game designers, however, have jumped in to fill the breach, and we think we may have found one of the most addictive games on the internet to help you deal with your longing for travelling internationally.

The game is called City Guesser and, as the name suggests, it challenges you to guess the city from a virtual walk around the streets.

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The geography-based browser game provides an exceptional travel and guessing experience, but a word of warning before you start – it is highly addictive.

Some of the tips that will help while you are playing include looking at licence plates, road signs and markings, business names and flags.

The game also offers the option of trying to guess from any city anywhere in the world, or narrowing it down to individual countries or continents.

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While playing the game is sure to help with your hunger for travel, you can also contribute to the game yourself by filming your own virtual walk around your home city and sending the video.

The designers have made it extremely easy to help. All you need to do is film your video and upload it to YouTube with the title ‘City Guesser Video’ and the city being showcased.

For example, City Guesser Video: Melbourne, Australia.

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If you are well travelled and are finding the game too easy, you can further challenge yourself with a ‘no moving’ or ‘time limit’ restriction.

You can try the game at City Guesser.

How many international cities have you visited? What is your favourite travel-based game?

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Written by Ben