Clean drinking water in seconds

We’re often told to be cautious when drinking water in other countries, on cruise ships or from public taps, but the SteriPEN Pure+™ can give you clean drinking water in 48 seconds.

That’s right, stick this magic little water wand into a glass or bottle of almost any water from anywhere and you’ll have purified water ready to quench your thirst.

SteriPEN Pure+™ is a small, lightweight UV water purifier that you can take with you anywhere you go. Simply fill up your glass or bottle with water, place the powerful UV lamp into the liquid and let it do its thing.

In as little as 48 seconds, its ultraviolet lamp will eliminate over 99.9 per cent of the bacteria, viruses, making your water safe to drink.

The lamp is good for 5000 treatments, can treat 500ml of water at a time and it is powered by internal USB rechargeable batteries.

You can purchase SteriPEN Pure+™ from from RRP$99.

There are more SteriPEN products too, all designed to give travellers, tourists and adventurers clean, safe drinking water.

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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