Eleven cheeky travel tricks

With the benefit of hindsight, all of our journeys abroad would, no doubt, be ideal. So, with that in mind, we’ve tapped into the worldliness, wisdom and experiences of many seasoned travellers, who have learned from their mistakes and chances they’ve taken and condensed this knowledge for your perusal. Even the most sophisticated sightseers should benefit from this list of cheeky travel tricks.

1. Book two one-way flights

Whilst packages and uniformity can make things a little more convenient, if it’s the savings you’re after, then booking two separate flights sometimes works out less expensive than booking with the one airline. Sure, you may have to shift over from one terminal to another, or wait an extra hour on a transfer, but you may find the savings are more than worth the hassle.

2. Cheeky upgrades

There’s a reason for the adage ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ – and it’s as true when it comes to travel as it is in life. In this case, however, all you have to do when you book your flight is request an upgrade. That will put you on the list and your ticket will be marked with a Y or B code. So if any seats in the next class become available, you will be in line for a complimentary upgrade. And if you fly with the airline regularly, you’ll have an even better chance of a cushy seat and free sparkling wine. Airlines like loyalty. So why not use it to your advantage?

3. Fly on a Boeing 767

It’s worth checking which type of plane will be taking you to your destination. And, if you do have a choice, choose to fly on a Boeing 767. It may seem like we’re being picky, but the Boeing 767s have fewer middle seats, which means your chances of getting an aisle seat (the most comfortable with the least hassle) improve dramatically. Also, keep an eye on seatguru.com for dynamic seating charts for every flight – it’s a great website for finding the best seats on any plane.

4. Pack a ‘squishy’ carry-on bag

Instead of taking a carry-on bag that perfectly fits in most of the bag measurement contraptions at the start of every security line, take a squishy duffle bag. These squishy bags have the potential to fit more in than a structured bag, but, as they can be squashed to fit around other bags in spaces less ‘modular’, you’ll find that you can get away with taking more in your carry on. And if you’re heading off on a domestic trip, or a short international holiday, you may even be able to bypass the checked-in baggage altogether.

5. Pack onecolour scheme

This one is brilliant but maybe not so obvious: pack one colour scheme of clothing. That way you’ll always match. You can buy clothes whilst you’re away that are almost always going to co-ordinate with darker colours. And here’s the kicker – darker colours hide stains much better, so you won’t have to do as much holiday washing.

6. Minimise jet lag

Jet lag is one of the most feared aspects of long-haul travel. There is evidence that it takes one full day for the circadian rhythms in your body to adjust to each time zone crossed whilst travelling from east to west. Conversely, it takes one-and-a-half days when traveling from west to east.

You can reduce the time-zone effects of jet lag by cheating time. Yes, it is possible. All you have to do is start thinking what you would be doing at your destination before you arrive, eating meals on the plane at the same time you will when you hit the ground, and loading up on sleep before you take off. If you do sleep on the plane, try to do so when you would at your journey’s end.

It also pays to stay away from alcohol on your flight (sigh), as well as coffee, as both can dehydrate you and mess with your body’s ability to recover from jet lag. When you do eat, avoid processed foods, even if you have to skip a meal. Instead, hit the healthy snacks or ask for a special meal, which will more likely be vegetarian and a lot easier for you to digest.

7. Head to the departure zone for a cab sans line

Once you land, don’t stand for ages in the arrivals cab queue – head on over to the departures line instead. People will be arriving and cabs will be taking off, most likely heading over to the arrivals line anyway. So jump the queue and save everybody some time.

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