Etihad’s inflight fitness tips

If you’ve ever wondered how the top athletes keep themselves in condition when travelling, Etihad Airways new inflight fitness video reveals just how they do it.

The three-minute video was made in conjunction with Manchester City Football Club and stars the airline’s cabin crew alongside four top Manchester City players, Vincent Kompany, Pablo Zabaleta, Fernando and Bacary Sagna, plus Chappy, the hugely popular kit manager.

While still managing to be entertaining, the video shares some important tips for flying. The football stars demonstrate various stretches that can be performed during a flight, and passengers are reminded to stay hydrated.

This is definitely one of the better inflight videos we’ve seen! Find out what the world’s top football players think you should be doing on a plane.

And for a handy inflight reference, here are the suggested exercises:

Shoulder circles: Circular movement of the shoulders backwards and forwards.

Rotations: Moving from your waist rotate to face your left and right in a continuous circular motion.

Neck rolls: Keeping your neck extended move your head from side to side as well as front to back.

Ankle circles: Sit tall and lift your leg from the thigh, elevate the ankle and circle the whole foot.

Arm stretches: Raise your arms above your head and gently move from side to side (singing ‘We are the Champions’ is optional)

Leg stretches: Gently raise your legs at the thigh and extend from the knee, slowly stretching the hamstring muscle.

Forward bends: With both feet on the floor, pull your stomach in and lean forward toward your ankles stretching the lower back.

Staying hydrated: Nothing more important than staying hydrated on the field, the same goes for in the air.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart