Feels like home?

What does the flying Kangaroo mean to you? Qantas is hoping the sight of the familiar red tail to take you home to Australia will make you feel emotional. So much so, that it’s the main feature of its newest ad campaign.

Launched at the start of November, ‘Feels Like Home’ follows five real stories of passengers on their journey home. Qantas’ first brand campaign since 2012, the airline is hoping to rebuild its brand after a year of being in the news mostly for the wrong reasons.

According to Qantas chief executive, Alan Joyce, Qantas “often hears that seeing the Qantas red tail at the airport, or stepping on board of a Qantas aircraft makes Australians feel like they are halfway home already,” and this is what the campaign aims to capture.

Wishing to rekindle the emotional connection which Australians have for the airline, I have to admit its tugging at the heartstrings approach worked and had me reaching for the tissues.  

What do you think? Does this campaign make you connect to Qantas? And more importantly did its tear-jerk tactics also get you?

Written by SJ