PM reveals which countries likely to be first in the bubble

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Aussie travellers could be flying to several Asian nations soon, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison puts international travel back on the national cabinet agenda this week.

After several days without any locally transmitted virus across the country, the Prime Minister is keen to push on with bubble discussions.

Japan, Singapore and Korea are likely to be the lowest hanging fruit, says a New Daily report.

“We continue to hold these discussions with countries like Japan; we have had them before with Korea, specific nations. Of course, New Zealand has already been opened for travel into Australia without quarantine arrangements,” he said.

Victoria may have put the handbrake on travel bubble conversations with New Zealand and other countries, but after almost a fortnight with no new cases, the state is opening up to domestic travellers and visitors from New Zealand.

Still, other east coast states are seeing minor outbreaks and new cases, so caution is still being advised.

And there’s no rush to allow travellers from COVID-ravaged nations into Australia, says the PM.

“I think we proceed cautiously. There are countries that are doing far better than what we are seeing in Europe and the US,” said Mr Morrison.

“The situation in Europe and the US is awful. And obviously that presents great risks for people coming in from those parts of the world to Australia.

“But out of many parts of Asia, particularly in North Asia – places like Taiwan and … provinces of China, Singapore – we are looking at what alternative arrangements could be had to channel visitors through appropriate quarantine arrangements for low-risk countries.

“That is a process other countries are doing as well. We are open to that. We have not come to a point of decision on that.”

Locally, Melbourne will begin admitting flights from New Zealand on Monday. Victorian residents now have the run of the state, after the 25km ban was lifted last week.

Tasmania will join the NZ bubble from early 2021 and has opened its borders – quarantine-free – to residents from NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory. The Apple Isle should open to Victorians from 1 December.

Queensland is open to most other states in Australia, except Victoria and anyone from greater Sydney. Victorians may be able to travel there from early December, says chief health officer Jeannette Young.

“I’m sure they’re starting to feel there’s a good chance they’ve eliminated the virus in Melbourne, which is really, really exciting,” said Dr Young.

“Hopefully we will be able to open borders to Melbourne and not require any form of quarantine.”

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    What is the go with Queensland and Greater Sydney NSW? Loks to me more like a power game with the QLD premier’s attitude to Greater Sydney where there are now and have been for some time, only a couple of LGA on alert, not the 32 or so QLD is carrying on about. Or is it Labour versus Liberal? QLD and Vic against Gladys and Sco Mo?

    No text to Gladys after NSW Blues beat the QLD maroons in the 2nd State of Origin?

  2. 0

    OH! Forgot to say – QLD will not get a cent of my tourist dollar if and when they decide we can visit. Maybe they will break away from Australia? Took my hat off to her initial when she took a hard line against covid but feel maybe carried away a la Trump? Maybe related.

    • 0

      get over it Koro, you and your dollar won’t be missed. At least Anna has not been involved in grubby relationships and money handouts to win votes.

    • 0

      Seriously4b2 the only grubby thing is your remark.

    • 0

      Koro, the only politician in Australia currently in power with a relationship to Trump is Scomo, and he was the one who angered China.
      Trump started and seriously lost a trade war with China, surely the penny should have dropped that nothing would be gained by Australia having a Trade war with China also.
      I do think Australia deserves a better prime minister.
      America has obviously decided no more Trump, despite Murdoch’s Sky News.

  3. 0

    I see our Priminister is going to allow some Chinese to come in to Australia soon. You try and get in there! The visa offices are closed to issuing visas even if you work in China. Sydney visa office open for phone calls only. I think some reciprocal agreement needs to be made before we start letting them in here, particularly after all that has happened with Covid.

    • 0

      I think it is more likely to be family reunions taking place than a return to genuine tourism to China. And I suspect it will be in just one direction too.

      If China keeps up with its attack on all things Australian I dont think tourism will recover to pre-COVID – 19 levels for quite some time, in either direction, bubble or no bubble.

  4. 0

    I’m not planning on going anywhere in the near future. After moving home within the next month, the holidays will just have to wait a while. As for international travel, it, too has to wait quite a few years.

  5. 0

    Vietnam has arguably the best Covid record in Asia – perhaps second only to Taiwan, depending on how you measure it – yet never gets mentioned as a possible ‘bubble’ country with Australia.
    Surely our gov’t (elected to protect and serve the people) isn’t politicising the pandemic and favouring those Asian countries that are likely to supply bigger numbers of tourists and international students to Australia? No, they’d never do that – would they? :))

    • 0

      It has to be a two way street MarLin. What makes you think Vietnam wants to be in a travel bubble with Australia?

    • 0

      You may well be right, KSS – especially when we recall some of the ludicrous responses from Australians to the advice about wearing masks and social distancing. But I think the tough calls by Victorian and WA premiers despite spirited opposition (especially in the media), have somewhat restored Australia’s reputation in SE Asia – and I’m sure Vietnam would welcome the tourist dollars and any other investment activity because they’re doing deals with other Asian countries already (subject to VN’s strict quarantine and testing regime before and after arrival).

  6. 0

    Why would anyone want to visit China after whats happened this year and also our trade relations which at the moment are going backwards. I think they certainly will be waiting a long time for Aussie tourists.

  7. 0

    I agree Mar Lin,when the (communist government) turned around to the people of Vietnam and said we will go to work to sort the virus out, you stay home in isolation,they took control and delivered ,they had bugger all cases and no deaths in the first wave then they had some cases in DaNang in the north,they shut everything down,told 65;000 tourists to leave and then locked it down until there was no cases but they lost around 40 people,the secret is mask wearing,I hate wearing the buggers even when riding the motorbike but they protect other people from you,even in winter with the flu you should be wearing a mask,how many times have you put your face in a sleeve when the person in the supermarket next to you sneeze,same thing ,KSS,you are entitled to your opinions of course as we all are,Australia is entering a transition phase along with most ASEAN countries in utilizing Vietnam as its manufacturing hub,hell they produce their own car (Vinfast) something Australia also achieved with great success then sold the farm, I think in time CHINA will rue they way it has destroyed the world economy and lively hood ,lots of family members dying needlessly,if the Chinese people start holidaying again,they will be shunned by the locals,and I don’t blame them,while I’m having a rand and China banning Australian imports why hasn’t the iron ore industry turned around to them and said no more exports until you sort this rubbish out,the government should also be imposing this as the product does belong to firstly,the traditional owners followed by the people of Australia,but we all know it will be a cold day in hell before that happens,well in the meantime I’m waiting for a flight to Perth with no Quarantine so I can access the pension…..seize the day ….Scottie



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