Food-themed hotel suites

Bread and Breakfast
The launch of the temporary Bread & Breakfast suite in 2020 coincided with National Ditch Your Resolutions Day and encouraged guests to indulge themselves with delicious carbs in multiple forms.

Gluten-haters and keto dieters look away now – this suite in The Refinery Hotel, New York, was stacked from floor to ceiling with pastries, pancakes, and every kind of sweetmeat a bakery can provide.

From body butter in the bathroom, to walls hung with doughnuts and bagels, the ‘Bread and Breakfast’ experience was designed by to be as carb-centric as possible, and takes guests on a gluttonous voyage of starchy self-indulgence.

Bread and furnishings aren’t always a happy marriage (the crumbs – it’s inevitable), so the suite found inventive ways to integrate its grub.

The bed’s headboard (ahem, breadboard) resembled an untoasted slice of brown, and came with croissant pillows and a bedspread covered in loaves. The sofa cushions were comparably carby, mocked up like pancakes, seeded bagels, Belgian waffles, and cinnamon swirls.

Pastry-packed wallpaper, bathroom soaps that looked remarkably like bread and butter, and a shower curtain decorated with the three stages of toast were also included.

Instead of a minibar, a so-called ‘bakery case’ (you can guess what that involves) was on offer, and if you ploughed through the contents of your room, a $100 credit on a room service menu that would put your local bakery to shame was available to guests.

Every guest was endowed with a breadbasket of goodies to take home with them, including a pair of slippers suspiciously similar to baguettes, and whatever edibles they managed to resist during their stay.

Guests were even encouraged to take home their custom ‘Carbivore’ embroidered robe and matching baguette slippers.

Cheese suite
Good news for cheese lovers – The Cheese Suite in Camden, London, was absolutely packed with fromage-themed decor – pillows, wallpaper, even cheese-scented soap.

The concept hotel was dreamt up by Cafe Rouge to coincide with their new cheese-filled winter menu. It was only available for a limited time, but I wonder what they’ll dream up next?

Would you choose sweet or savoury? What food-themed hotel room would you most like to stay in?

– With PA

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