Is this the best bus ever?

Commuting as we know it could be about to change forever.

The latest luxury bus line to hit San Francisco’s streets is turning the transport world on its head by offering all the comforts of your favourite café on the go.

Recently launched company Leap makes commuting a dream by allowing you to travel in style, while socialising or getting work done and enjoying your morning beverage of choice at the same time. With a coffee bar and free wifi, the buses also feature an abundance of power outlets – all in the attempt to turn your daily commute into an enjoyable and productive experience.

And then there’s the décor. With distressed-wood-panel accents and rows of barstools facing the windows, there are also more collaborative spaces with circular seating you’d expect to find in coffee shops.

While the small fleet so far only includes four buses stopping at four points within San Francisco, we can only hope Leap finds it’s way down under sooner rather than later. Before Monday would be ideal!

Why not watch the video and tell us your thoughts? Would you like to see transport improved with ideas such as Leap’s?

Written by SJ