Make carrying bags a breeze

Packing light can be hard. You want to have options and not be forced into buying too much at your destination, however, the trouble comes when you leave the house to begin your journey and have to battle with more than one bag. It is rare that you can avoid rushing at any point during your transit and trying to juggle multiple bags while keeping them secure can be somewhat of a challenge (to say the least).

Thankfully, the Bag Bungee puts a stop to this travel battle. Brilliant in its simplicity, this accessory helps you manoeuvre multiple bags through airports, streets or any point in transit with ease. Simply open the buckle and slip the end over your suitcase handle before re-buckling. Place your second item, such as another bag or coat, on top of your suitcase and use the Bag Bungee to secure it by pulling over the extendable handle.

The Bag Bungee is adjustable, so just tighten or loosen the cords depending on the size of the bag or item you are securing. A failsafe way to ensure you can speed through transit without worrying about losing any items along the way? Seems like a bit of a no-brainer to us. Priced at just under $25, it seems the only challenge is limiting yourself to buying just one!

Watch the video to see how it works.

RRP: $24.90 plus shipping from The Container Store.

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