Most complained about attractions

The Eiffel Tower. Big Ben. the Pyramids of Giza. All amazing works of architecture and iconic landmarks that are often cited as a reason to visit certain cities.

But, it would seem, they are less impressive when you’re standing in front of them.

Including one of Australia’s most famous landmarks.

Yep, some of the world’s most famous landmarks are also some of the most disappointing, says Uswitch analysis of 26,904 negative reviews left on Tripadvisor.

And some people spent days complaining about them.

Top of the list was the Eiffel Tower. Uswitch research revealed that visitors spent around 402 hours (17.5 days) complaining about the French landmark alone.

It was by far and beyond the most complained about attraction in the world, with 19,303 negative reviews in total from the 26,904 negative reviews Uswitch analysed.

In second was Rome’s Colosseum, with 1944 negative reviews equating to 1.7 days. London’s Big Ben was next with 1597 negative reviews (1.3 days), then the Pyramids of Giza (1460 reviews/1.26 days) and the Statue of Liberty (1089 reviews/.94 days).

What many consider to be Australia’s most iconic landmark (besides, possibly, the ‘big red rock’) – the Sydney Opera House – came in number seven, albeit with only 299 negative reviews.

Other disappointing landmarks in the top 11 included the Hollywood sign (#6), Taj Mahal, Berlin Wall, Grand Canyon South Rim and the Great Wall of China in positions eight to 10, respectively.

It seems, though, these landmarks cop the blunt end of the stick, as, according to a Travel Weekly report, people are 21 per cent more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one.

What is the most disappointing landmark or attraction you’ve experienced? Tell us in the comments section below which, in your opinion, is the most disappointing in the world and the most disappointing in Australia and we’ll follow up with our own top three.

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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