New train can travel 2900 km/h

Scientists at a university in China have built a prototype of a train which is capable of reaching speeds of up to 2900 kilometres per hour. No, there isn’t an extra zero there by mistake – you read it correctly – 2900 kilometres per hour! You could catch a train from Melbourne to Sydney in 20 minutes, travelling at this speed, which is three times faster than a commercial aircraft.

The prototype-testing platform has been designed to allow the scientists to develop a near-vacuum high-speed maglev train theoretically capable of these speeds. The fastest train of this type under commercial operation at the moment can reach just over 430 kilometres per hour. According to project leader, Dr Deng Zigang, the huge increase in speed is achieved through the lack of air-resistance in the near-vacuum tunnel.

What do you think? Is this a disaster waiting to happen or the future of high-speed travel? Could this irrevocably change the way Australians travel, by making all Australian cities more accessible?

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