Taronga Zoo’s $1 present to you

In case you didn’t get the memo, 2106 is the year Taronga Zoo, the city zoo of Sydney, turns 100. Officially opened on 7 October 1916, the attraction is celebrating its centenary of being ‘for the wild’ in a range of ways.

One of the more enticing ways Taronga Zoo is celebrating is by inviting everyone to spend their birthday at Taronga Zoo for just $1. It’s difficult to think what you can get with just a gold coin these days, especially in a time when coffee can easily cost upwards of $5.

While sadly any friends and family who accompany you will have to pay normal entry prices, the offer is still a generous one. So why not take advantage of it? If your birthday and any of your loved one’s birthdays haven’t come around yet, register for the deal on the Taronga Zoo website.

And for those of us born in the first half of the year, now’s the time to be extra nice to friends born later in the year and convince them that splitting the price of your full ticket is really the only fair way forward.

Full details are on Taronga Zoo’s website.

Written by SJ


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