Thai Airways lands in Perth

New routes and air alliances can mean more travel options, so what’s new in the air and on the ground this week?

From 21 September Thai Airways will begin daily Boeing 787 flights between Bangkok and Perth.

Flights are scheduled to take off from Perth at 9:15am and arrive in Thailand the same afternoon, at 3:15pm. On return, flights will depart Bangkok at 11:59pm and touch down in Perth the following morning at 7:45am.

The long awaited service will be Perth’s first Dreamliner flights, starting just weeks before Air New Zealand’s 15 October debut for its Boeing 787-9 on the Auckland-Perth route.

Thai Airways is set to follow this with Boeing 787 flights between Bangkok and Tokyo’s Narita Airport later this year.

For more information visit Australian Business Traveller

ANZ cut Qantas frequent flyer points
From October ANZ are reducing the number of points cardholders can earn each month, by axing unlimited Qantas frequent flyer points.

The changes will affect a range of ANZ’s Visa and American Express cards, including the ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum and ANZ Frequent Flyer Classic cards.

Claiming the changes bring ANZ in line with their major competitors, the new points capping rules encourage spenders to move transactions across to the companion ANZ Visa card, which can earn as little as half a point per dollar spent.

To find out how you will be affected and what options you have visit Australian Business Traveller.

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