Virtual reality reef

If you’ve always wanted to experience the Great Barrier Reef without getting wet, you’re in luck. Qantas and Hamilton Island have announced they will be releasing a 3D Virtual Reality (VR) experience of the Great Barrier Reef and Hamilton Island.

They’re also partnered with Samsung and Rapid VR to give customers a special experience of one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations. The VR film will provide a 360-degree adventure of the Great Barrier Reef and Hamilton Island, and will be available in select Qantas international lounges and flights from 27 June 2015.

But Hamilton Island Chief Executive Office Glenn Bourke is quick to point out that “nothing can beat actually seeing the reef in person.” Also adding, “As a regular diver, I can say being on the reef – one of nature’s greatest wonders – is an exhilarating and unbeatable experience.” He hopes the virtual vision they’ve created with Qantas will inspire many more guests to visit.

Qantas’ virtual reality headsets have already proven a hit with its customers, and its expecting this latest VR film – along with two added return flights per week between Hamilton Island and Brisbane – will strengthen its commitment to drive tourism to the Whitsunday region.

What do you think of this idea? Would you be keen to view the 3D VR experience of the Great Barrier Reef and Hamilton Island? Or do you think virtual reality can’t do the real thing justice?

Written by SJ