Where are all the eligible bachelors?

Where do all the eligible bachelors hang out? We’ve found the top 10 cities in the world for those looking to meet their mate, or perhaps just hoping to enjoy a holiday fling.

Shanghai, China – If the Shanghai mothers sitting in the parks, advertising their offspring for marriage on their umbrellas are anything to go by – there are bachelors aplenty here!

London, England – although the weather is less than inviting, the energy and culture of London attracts some fine chaps.

Frankfurt, Germany – with its spa culture and co-gender saunas, you may have to compete with the local leggy blondes who stroll in for a Sunday steam, but your Aussie charm is sure to be a winner.

Hong Kong, China – Amazing food, big boats and host to the Rugby 7s – a haven for single guys if you like beer swilling rugby types

New York City, USA – boasting the best clubs, bars, theatres and museums, finding an eligible bachelor is as easy as getting a slice of great pizza.

Barcelona, Spain – everyone is single in Barcelona, they hang out in the streets til all hours of the night drinking, eating, kissing wildly, arguing loudly and gesticulating madly.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – if you can rock a thong (bathers not footwear sadly) or look anything like supermodel Gisele Bundchen, there’s plenty of South American bachelors looking for you in Rio.

Sydney, Australia – with perfect weather and sandy beaches, you’re sure to find a single Adonis sunning himself at Bondi.

Dublin, Ireland – attracted by all that Guinness and the chance to ‘have the craic’, Dublin is where you will find a fun-loving single lad.

Vancouver, Canada – there are plenty of fish in this waterside wonderland. You’ll find an abundance of outdoorsy types, with a fair share of ski bunnies at nearby Whistler.

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