Where can you travel this Christmas?

The federal government promised that borders would be open in time for Christmas and for the most part this is the case, but there are still some important things to know before you hop on your flight (or in your car).

Some states still need a border pass or you may be restricted from travelling if you have been in a different state in the past 14 days.

For example, Queenslanders can visit Western Australia without needing to quarantine or isolate: but if they have also visited New South Wales, Victoria or South Australia in the 14 days prior to their WA arrival, that waiver doesn’t apply.

Exactly where you can travel depends on your where you call home but, as South Australia demonstrated recently, the situation is liable to change at a moment’s notice.

Residents of the Australian Capital Territory can travel to NSW and Victoria without restriction. To enter South Australia, ACT residents must complete a cross-border application form, similar forms need to be completed in Queensland, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and Western Australia before you are allowed to travel to these jurisdictions.

New South Wales residents can travel to Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT without a permit. Border entry forms are required to visit Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory, and at the time of writing mandatory quarantine was still required before entering Western Australia, but that may still change before Christmas although travellers will still be required to fill out a G2G pass registration.

The Northern Territory has been coronavirus-free for some time, so can visit West Australia without quarantine or isolation. Travellers still need to complete the G2G pass, however. Victoria, NSW and the ACT are all open and without permits, while Queensland still requires a border declaration pass, as does South Australia. Tasmania has a requirement that your trip is recorded in its e-Travel system.

NSW, Victoria and the ACT are open and ready to accept Queenslanders. There is also no requirement to isolate when entering WA, just the G2G pass. The biggest problem for Queenslanders is those wishing to visit Adelaide. While travellers to the rest of the South Australia can return without needing to quarantine, those that have been through the great Adelaide area are required to quarantine on their return home. Travel registration is also required in SA, as it is in Tasmania and the NT.

South Australia
No matter where you travel in Australia, when you return home you must complete a cross-border travel registration. The recent outbreak also means the strictest travel restrictions apply to most states. The border to neighbouring WA remains closed and there is also no admittance to Tasmania. ACT currently has an open border. Queensland is open to those from outside Adelaide, but capital city residents, or those who travel from Adelaide Airport, are required to quarantine. NSW requires an entry declaration form and people from Adelaide must also complete a form before crossing into Victoria.

All Tasmanians must register their interstate journeys on Tas e-Travel. The Adelaide outbreak means Tasmanians cannot travel to South Australia without isolating upon their return. Tasmanians can travel freely to NSW, Victoria and the ACT and fill out the required form if they are planning to travel to Queensland, the NT or WA.

After spending much of the year as the pariah state when it came to border crossing, most of Australia is open. At the time of writing, mandatory quarantine was still required before entering Western Australia, but that may still change before Christmas. NSW and the ACT are open, while forms are required if visiting Queensland, the NT, South Australia or Tasmania.

Western Australia
Most states are happy to welcome travellers from WA, but getting back home is the big issue. Travelling to the ACT, Queensland, NT or Tasmania is fine. Travel to South Australia is still out of the question, unless you want to isolate on your return, the same currently applies for NSW and Victoria, but this may change before Christmas.

Where are you planning to travel this summer?

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