Which luggage is right for you?

Travellers only had two choices when it came to luggage in the past – a backpack or a suitcase. But these days there are many more options available, so which is right for you? First and foremost, you need to think about what type of travelling you will be undertaking, for example camping, resort stay or adventure holiday. Secondly, consider the length of your holiday and how much gear you intend to take with you.

Most bags now feature wheels, retractable handles and a variety of straps to make carrying them easier. Some come with a detachable piggyback clip so you can clip a second bag onto your main luggage to free up your hands – handy when passing through security checks and needing to access your paperwork and passport.

So, what are the options?

Duffel bags are perfect if you are packing bulky items or are a messy packer. You can stuff all your gear inside willy nilly because the bags are so flexible and, depending on the size, you can use them as carry-on baggage and place them in the overhead compartment. Most modern duffels come with retractable handles and wheels making them easy to manoeuvre if you have to carry them for long distances.

If planning outdoor activities, such as hiking or camping, a backpack is your best option. With a travel backpack you are instantly completely mobile, without having to worry about getting on and off public transport or dragging your luggage over difficult terrain.

You have two options with the traditional luggage of suitcases – either hard-shell or soft bags. The soft bags are more popular than their hard-shell counterparts and many can expand to allow up to 25 per cent more space inside. Both types of suitcase come with different interiors including handy features such as plastic waterproof pouches for liquids, pockets and belts to ensure your packing is super-organised. Again, many suitcases come with wheels – some offering 360° rolling, making carting around heavy luggage so much easier.

Do you have a preference for what type of luggage you use when travelling? Do you have different luggage for different types of holidays or do you travel with the same bag every time?

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