Surprising items that won’t make it through customs

There are some surprising items that won’t make it through customs.

There are some surprising items that won’t make it through customs.

Going through customs before boarding a plane can be one of the more frustrating travel experiences. Sure, there’s safety at stake and all that, but it’s another long line between you and your destination that can take ages to navigate.

Quite often the reason it takes you so long to move to the front of the line is because of the travellers who try to take unsafe items on board.

Many of you know about not taking flammable substances and sharp objects in your carry-on bag, but there are also some surprising items that won’t make it through customs.

These include:

1. Christmas crackers

2. snow globes

3. gel-type candles

4. jams and spreads with a gel-like consistency

5. wrapped presents are allowed, but you may be asked to unwrap them for screening

6. tools longer than 17cm

7. used sunscreen

8. any half-used liquid or gel in a bottle or tube that exceeds 100ml

9. nail scissors or nail files

10. sporting goods, excluding balls

11. gel-type shoe inserts.

Do any of these items surprise you? Have you ever had something surprising removed from your baggage?



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    9th Dec 2017
    The quality of articles on this site are trending downwards when the heading refers to Customs.
    It is not Customs that prevent you taking such items on a plane, it is Security.
    We oldies do not need to be snowed with rubbish articles like this so what about some editorial attention to get it right.
    9th Dec 2017
    Had an ice pak confiscated, told them we had been carrying one for years without any problem. Now carry a letter from our GP, and no problems.
    9th Dec 2017
    Casey. Need my eyes checked. I read ice pik!
    9th Dec 2017
    PAK PAK They are called ice pak, genric name as oposed to PACK
    9th Dec 2017
    Never had an issue with the skis. Even brand new end of season ones which have no bindings mounted on them.
    Nail files and scissors? No problem with checked luggage but unlikely you would get these through with carry on luggage.
    Some of these items sound a suss leon. Of course opened drinks, gels and the like would be removed. We have never had any problems with the above or many other items including alcohol bought overseas and put into checked luggage. Never even been asked about it.

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