Airlines planning to ditch ‘ladies and gentleman’ greetings’

Japan Airlines, EasyJet and Air Canada to use gender-neutral announcements.

Airlines planning to ditch ‘ladies and gentleman’ greetings’

It is one of the sounds you associate with being at an airport, the chimes sounding over the loudspeaker, before a voice announces ‘ladies and gentleman …’, but it may become a thing of the past.

Some airlines have realised that the announcement is a little outdated and have started the process towards using more inclusive gender-neutral language as part of the flight protocols.

Japan Airlines announced last month that it would be ditching the ‘ladies and gentlemen’ greeting from its flights and European budget carrier EasyJet and Air Canada are also opting for more inclusive language in their announcements.

From 1 October, Japan Airlines started using ‘attention all passengers’ and ‘good morning everyone’ in its English-speaking messaging. The Japanese messaging on its flights has always been gender-neutral, according to local media.

"We aspire to be a company where we can create a positive atmosphere and treat everyone, including our customers, with respect," Japan Airlines spokesman Mark Morimoto told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

"We have committed to not discriminate based on gender, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or other personal attributes."

In March, Japan Airlines announced it would allow female flight attendants to wear trousers and ditch their high heels at work, following a feminist campaign that took off.

The move by Japan Airlines is especially provocative in socially conservative Japan where same-sex marriage remains illegal and being openly gay is still seen as taboo.

Air Canada started using gender-neutral greeting one year ago and EasyJet followed suit at the end of last year, after the outdated nature of their announcements was brought to their attention by a patron on Twitter.

What do you think of the move by airlines to use more inclusive language? Do you support it? Should all airlines adopt this approach?

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    17th Oct 2020
    Once again, political correctness going mad. Why are people who consider themselves as ladies or gentlemen not entitled to be so addressed? The neuter gender people are recent arrivals on the scene, which is OK but why their wishes have to be inflicted upon everyone else is not reasonable. And am I the only one to notice that because of the current nonsense, the person who heads a meeting, if a man, must be either the chair, or the chairperson, only a woman can be a chairman.
    17th Oct 2020
    To me ,Ready for take of sounds like a the moment
    17th Oct 2020
    Hear, hear, boys and girls! No, Maxchugg, you are not the only one.
    17th Oct 2020
    Why should we pander to a noisy minority.. What is so bad about Ladies and Gentlemen..... Mind you - I really don;t think that L&G actually describes most of them.....
    pedro the swift
    18th Oct 2020
    Sorry,only two sexes as far as I'm concerned. Maxchugg is right.Political "correctness" gone mad, if it can be called that. Another example of a minority with the loudest squawk overiding the majority who just mostly don't care.
    18th Oct 2020
    Oh they care pedro. They just don't want the "ouch' of being shouted down. The minority with the loudest squawk are tough little critters who have a savage bite.
    If they want to have equality then it must be for all. If I choose to be called a lady or a gentleman then that is my decision of how I like to be addressed.
    If they choose to be addressed transgender then that is their decision but to delete my choice argues in the face of equality.

    And for Incognito the last time I looked each time a baby came out of a womb it had a penis or a vagina. A psychological transgender choice later in life then became prevalent.
    Never saw a baby come out of a womb transgender yet!
    You want to be transgender I have no objections is your choice, but do not interrupt my life.

    Yes times have certainly changed but not for the better. Call me old fashioned but I am not getting with the current "woke"program.
    18th Oct 2020
    Good on Japan for thinking out of the box that some people seem to be stuck in, times have changed folks, get with the program.
    18th Oct 2020
    Glad i drive a Jap car
    18th Oct 2020
    Me too happy they make good cars IMO.
    18th Oct 2020
    Why has my POST been deleted AGAIN when all I did was agree with a previous poster?
    18th Oct 2020
    Does this mean that both ladies and gentlemen who know their gender will be actively discriminated against.?

    Who will stand up for those who aren't stupid enough to go along with this nonsense?

    Look out snowflakes. Summer is coming
    19th Oct 2020
    Well I never!! How nitpicking can you get! Fancy not wanting to be known as a 'lady' or a 'gentleman' when the dictionary states that a 'lady' is "a woman of good family or social position, or of good breeding, refinement etc." and a 'gentleman' is "a man of good breeding, education and manners". I can't see anything derogatory in being known by these names. I think they are quite flattering actually.

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