Want to join the mile-high club? These airlines make it possible …

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For some, the idea of having sex on a plane is too much to bear, but for others, it’s a bucket-list box they may desire but will never have the opportunity to tick. Until now …

According to a 2011 Skyscanner survey of over 1000 travellers, 95 per cent of the respondents said they want to join the mile-high club, but only 20 per cent have actually done it.

It’s a pretty overwhelming majority, isn’t it?

Well, for the 95 per cent of willing wannabees, there are two North American airlines that actually encourage ‘naughtiness’ on their planes.

And though the risk of breaking the rules and getting caught may add to the overall thrill of having sex on a plane, for those who are a little less ‘adventurous’, these airlines provide a perfectly legal option – albeit at a price.

couple on flamingo air romantic adventure

For US$475 (A$620) Flamingo Air, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, offers an hour-long flight of fancy for you to enjoy that once-in-a-lifetime frolic in the skies.

It’s called the ‘Romantic Adventure’, but the service isn’t limited to the champagne and chocolates you receive as part of the deal. Flamingo Air’s single-prop Cherokee plane has been retrofitted with big fluffy cushions that you can put to good use when being flown about behind curtains by a ‘very discreet pilot’. And although the pilot may not have witnessed anything first-hand, by all accounts, the cushions have seen a fair bit of action.

Flamingo Air’s President David MacDonald says “our passengers never land in a fully upright position”.

“Passengers get champagne, chocolates and a very discreet pilot. It is something really fun to do with someone special,” said Mr MacDonald.

And if you’re ever in Las Vegas and you’re feeling frisky, you could engage the services of Love Cloud – an exclusive aircraft sightseeing concierge company that also promotes the mile-high fantasy.

Flying the skies of Nevada in a pressurised Cessna Golden Eagle that is basically an airborne boudoir, complete with a wireless sound system and customisable mood lighting, you can set your very own love scene. Add chocolates, roses, appetisers, two entrees, two desserts and the limo ride to and from the plane and you have a wonderful way for couples to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions in a naughty way.

Again, the plane has been retrofitted with ‘romance’ in mind, and once in the sky at exactly one-mile high, couples are encouraged to ‘do anything your heart desires’. At US$1499 (A$1960) it’s a little more expensive than the competition, but it’s aimed at being more than just a mile-high roll in the hay.

“I want it to be romantic,” says the company’s 32-year-old founder, Andy Johnson, “… one of those bucket-list things that you did that you will never forget for the rest of your life.”

If hiring a plane to join the mile-high club seems like cheating to you, why not try these flight attendant tips for getting it on off the ground?

Do you dream of joining the mile-high club? Would this seem a better way to do it than in an airplane bathroom?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca


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  1. 0

    Oh for heaven’s sake! I can think of better places than a filthy cramped uncomfortable toilet.
    It’s not as though we are randy sex-starved teenagers.


  2. 0

    You get piper cherokee, like holden sandman with wings.

  3. 0

    What a stupid idea. After 400+ flights somewhere usually not nice I consider that a flight is at the same level as a tediously long bus ride with the only saving grace of crap food a drink and a toilet queue.

  4. 0

    Only in America. Sick!

  5. 0

    On my last trip overseas, I was seated in “cattle class”, right in the tail of the plane with one of the two toilets “out of order – excuse please” and heaps of men who couldn’t aim properly. The thought of using this filthy, stinking toilet for anything other than the basic necessities is completely unimaginable. Yuk! Surely the “desperates” can wait until they land and get a nice clean hotel room?

  6. 0

    Can this “achievement” be added to a person’s RESUME’ ??????

  7. 0

    This is pointless.



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