Here’s why you should always wear your seatbelt

There’s a reason the captain says you should wear your seatbelt at all times.

Here’s why you should always wear your seatbelt

While all airlines would like to ensure a smooth flight, there’s always a risk of a bumpy ride caused by turbulence.

That’s why the captain always says you should wear your seatbelt while flying, even when the seatbelt sign is turned off.

Case in point: this video of passengers and flight attendants being thrown around on a flight from Kosovo to Switzerland. Be warned, it’s pretty hairy.

So, next time you think you know better than those who spend most of their lives in the sky – i.e. the pilot – strap in for a safer ride.

Have you ever experienced such turbulence? Do you always wear your seatbelt, even when the light is turned off?

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    6th Jul 2019
    It's not just turbulence that causes this it can also be the automation on the plane gone psycho. Read the story of QF72 and the amazing pilots who brought their plane down safely in Learmonth RAAF Base in Western Australia in October 2008. Planes can nose dive dramatically without warning if something goes haywire with the automation. Praying won't help you but a seatbelt can keep you from serious injury. Look out for the heavy stuff that people put in those overhead lockers that can come down on top of you if they open due to the nose dive. All hard cases should be banned from these overhead lockers.
    7th Jul 2019
    I was on QF72 from Singapore to Perth and fortunately for me, I always wear my safety belt. I actually saw people flying through the air- and yes I did think I was a gonner. I thank my lucky stars for the experienced pilot and crew.

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