Which Australian airport is worst for flight delays?

Sunshine Coast certainly has a lot going for it, but its airport is not one of them.

Australia’s worst airports

Sunshine Coast certainly has a lot going for it, but its airport is not one of them.

According to research by finder.com, Sunshine Coast Airport is Australia’s worst airport, with a departure delay rate of over 31 per cent – by far the highest in the nation.

This means that one in every three flights leaving the Sunshine Coast is late, which is only great if you’re always late for your flights.

In second place was Hobart, with a delay rate of 27 per cent, or one flight every two hours.

While a delayed flight may sting, cancelled flights can really take the wind out of your sails. And anyone who has flown out of Sydney airport in the last 10 years may have experienced the behaviour for which the airport is becoming famous. That’s right, of the 21,600 cancelled flights in Australia last year, over 5000 of them were from out of Sydney, which was also the fifth most delayed airport in the country, with 20 per cent of its flights running late.

Also, in the top 10 worst airports were the Gold Coast, Launceston and Melbourne.

Travel insurance expert Bessie Hassan says that smaller airports are more likely to experience delays, because usually only one plane is flying in and out of them . She also says that it’s “important to note that an airport’s delay rate is rarely due to a lack of airport infrastructure, but instead more likely to be the result of poor weather or congestion elsewhere.”

Port Lincoln Airport was Australia’s least delayed airport (eight per cent), while Perth was the best capital city airport, with just 13 per cent of domestic flights running behind schedule.

In your experience, which is Australia’s worst airport?



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    16th Jun 2018
    Having passed through all (Australian) capital city airports at some time and a few regional ones as well I can not rate them from 'worst' to 'best', they are all very much on a par and I do not remember them all that well. However I could rate the Qantas Clubs that way (although my QC experiences stopped when I retired a few years ago). Best QC I have experienced is Singapore but then that is not in Australia is it!.
    16th Jun 2018
    Brisbane International pick up is disgrace,,Sitting under a rail bridge in the open after walking down a temp fence alley way,,Not to mention the ATM that charges $17 per withdrawal

    16th Jun 2018
    Not surprised to hear the poor performance at Sydney Airport at all. The private company running it maximises profits - which means focusing only on revenue earners such as Parking & Retail but not customer facilities or convenience or efficiency for airlines, and pays very little taxes. Their management has gone backwards in recent years as they depend more and more on consultants and hire incompetent yes-people without experience based on personal preferences of arrogant managers. The results had to show up finally.
    21st Dec 2019
    They also sting you around $12-15 just to get off the train! I refuse to go to the airport by train for this reason. Yet the Sydney Buses don't charge you extra to get the bus to the airport.
    16th Jun 2018
    Would be interested Glen48 which ATM you used.
    4th Aug 2018
    I find if you use the ATM at the airport on a flight to the USA and take out $US that is most probably the sum you pay - the ATM as well as your account charges. At least that is my experience. Should get your foreign cash before you fly it seems.
    7th Jul 2018
    Melbourne....no doubt about it.Fly in,luggage unloaded...walk two thirds of the way across the airport(run more like it),check in again,then hopefully board again,same aircraft, within 45 mins,after being told you will miss your flight if you don't hurry!!!

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