Bizarre in-flight behaviours

Long-haul flights don’t bring out the best in anyone. In fact, it’s fair to say they bring out the worst. These passengers have taken getting comfy on a flight to a whole new level.

Bizarre in-flight behaviours

Far and wide has documented the strange, scary and straight-up stupid behaviours spotted on planes. These passengers have swapped their sanity for their comfort. 

Being cramped in on a flight is no-one’s idea of good time. But these passengers have gone above and beyond to get some personal space … at the risk of scaring their flight mates. 

Using a light to reheat your pizza? Why not! 

Tired of the nauseating smell of nail polish? Don’t suffer alone!

I don’t know if I’m more shocked or impressed by these passengers practising Pilates. 

These guys seem to be getting a little too comfortable while onboard …

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on a flight? Are you guilty of any odd behaviours?

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    1st Feb 2020
    One I encountered was my seatmate falling asleep and resting her head on my shoulder. Not that it was so bad, she was quite attractive and very embarrassed and apologetic when she woke. The seat recliners are another issue, they do not seem to realize there is someone sitting behind them. Once on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne the young lady in front of me reclined her seat fully back leaving me, an over 6 footer, with minimal room, my knees were pressed into the seat back. When I politely requested she not recline back so far she retorted she could recline back if she wanted too. My response was to start my deep vein thrombosis leg exercises, she soon complained to the flight attendant who quickly assessed the situation and offered her another seat, which she accepted. The attendant came back and spoke to me asking if everything was okay, which it now was. The passenger was moved to the last row of seats against a bulkhead and which do not recline back. She was livid I think from the icy stare I got from her later. Karma. Qantas may have lost a customer.
    1st Feb 2020
    Some people like myself absolutely need to recline the seat due to the seats being too upright for back problems and not having any lumbar support. If we didn't recline them, apart from being in enormous pain for the whole entire flight, would not even be able to get up and walk at the end of the flight. Economy was not meant for tall people like yourself or short people like me and you should know that. I now pay for Business Class on the best airline in the world Singapore Airlines. The best place for you would be in the front row where there is a lot more leg room instead of expecting YOUR rights to override those of others. Just as you need more leg room that woman obviously needed to recline her seat.
    1st Feb 2020
    The need to recline the seat FULLY BACK for a short flight from Sydney to Melbourne, come on Hardworker that is a bit ridiculous, I too have chronic back issues but would not be that inconsiderate and rude. Her reply without explanation shows what a sleaze she is.
    1st Feb 2020
    I have chronic back problems but I find the seat to be more or less upright, with pillow or cushion in the right spot, to be the most comfortable for me. Good on you Hardworker for being to afford business Class.
    1st Feb 2020
    I have chronic back problems but I find the seat to be more or less upright, with pillow or cushion in the right spot, to be the most comfortable for me. Good on you Hardworker for being to afford business Class.
    1st Feb 2020
    I encountered a very strange man sitting next to me in the middle seat, when I was on the aisle. He was quite jittery from the get go, and also had a range of different foods he had brought on board, which he proceeded to spread out and pick at over the 3 hour flight. When the plane landed, he expected me to jump up and get in line with all the others who were lining up but not going anywhere, and as I had a bad leg, I asked him to wait until there was more room. He started going ballistic, and I became quite afraid. I called the hostess, who tried to reason with him, to no avail. Eventually she had to move me to another seat while he was removed from the plane, I was given some water and a snack to help calm me down. I can only say I was relieved this happened after we landed as I think I would have panicked had this behaviour happened while we were still in the air. I was actually quite frightened as he seemed irrational to me.
    1st Feb 2020
    Where do you sit to avoid all the quirky, selfish or downright bonkers fellow passengers on planes in economy class on a long haul flight?
    If you sit in the first half you are vulnerable to kids kicking the back of the seat and probably generally miss behaving. There are also those loud people in the row behind who chatter constantly throughout the flight.If you are lucky enough to be seated near the toilet block you have the smells wafting up your nose plus having a regular queue of people rubbing up against you. If you are in the aisle or middle seat you have to get up when you’ve just dropped off to sleep, to let the person near the window get out.There is always the impatient passenger who wants to get into the aisle as soon as the plane as landed and then the battle of wills and tempers as passengers try to get to the overhead lockers while maintains their place in the queue in the aisle.
    Unless you can laugh about it and consider the whole experience a good character study, you could end up so frazzled at the end of a long haul flight that it takes a day to get over it all.
    People en mass in an enclosed space. TO BE AVOIDED WHERE POSSIBLE.
    1st Feb 2020
    Hi Flippit, if I'm going overseas I book Business Class - never less.

    Here's what you're usually entitled to: your own check-in line, lounge access whilst you're waiting to depart, including all you can eat & drink (I don't know about alcohol, as I don't drink it), boarding first - then you're not interrupted by the rest of the passengers, a great meal plan, and a 6ft lie-flat seat that no one else has any access to, you also have direct aisle access. and won't need to disturb anyone nor will they disturb you. Then when you're on your lay-over on your flight, you also get lounge access. Some airlines also have a 'refresher' lounge when you arrive where you can get a shower and all you can eat breakfast (if you arrive in the morning), and then you're ready to go on your way for the first day of your holiday.

    Wouldn't the extra expense be worth it?
    pedro the swift
    1st Feb 2020
    Having done a few long haul flights I now no longer have any desire to do it again.Contending with the whole issue of checkin, immigration and security let alone the various kooky passengers(as shown) is something which I no longer want to endure. I will have my hols on a driving trip locally thanks.
    1st Feb 2020
    I was in the aisle seat on a recent 3-hour flight. After the meal, I got up to use the toilet, and when I came back, asked the couple in the other two seats if they were going to need to get out. I explained that it was difficult for me to get up due to arthritis.
    An hour later, after 3 glasses of red wine, the man in the middle seat tapped my arm and asked to get out. When I reminded him that I had given him the opportunity previously, he said he didn’t need to go then, and his partner asserted that they had the right to go to the toilet. (She was very inappropriately dressed for the country they’d been visiting).
    I waited in the aisle for them to return, to prevent further shoulder pain getting up and down.
    When he returned to his seat, he asked for another glass of red, and proceeded to roll cigarettes on his tray table!
    2nd Feb 2020
    Like I said the front row is the one for tall people who need more leg room and you probably need to book early to get it. At least you have somewhere that is more suitable. They don't even consider short people like me as the seats are made for the 'average' person. If the person in front of you fully reclines their seat you are forced to do the same. On shorter flights I only recline the seat enough to be comfortable but on long haul flights there is no way I can sit upright. I know it is supposed to be the best way to sit but my back cannot take it at all as this is a very individual thing. I now save on other things in order to fly Business Class or Premium Economy as it is so much more comfortable. Tood you obviously don't even know the meaning of the word sleaze and by the way everyone's back problems are individual which shows just how ignorant you really are.

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