Clean up your act

The perfect packing companion, these bags solve one of packing’s greatest problems.

Clean up your act

Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that are the best ones – such as these Go Clean bags from Flight 001.

The perfect packing companion, these bags are made from a heavyweight nylon material that conceals odours and contains messes. Designed to make packing and unpacking as simple and sanitary as possible, they solve one of packing’s greatest problems.

Many of us may have stopped and thought, at some stage, how we don’t really want to put the soles of our shoes near our clean clothes. Or even our dirty laundry near our fresh items. And what about the washing that hasn’t quite dried? Or items that get wet during expeditions? There’s nothing worse than opening your bag at home only to find the entire contents smells and now needs to be cleaned.

Go Clean bags are the perfect way to avoid all these issues. They’re also better for the environment and much more reliable at containing mess and odours than plastic bags. Bags are available in a range of different colours and sizes to suit all your needs, including wet suits, boots, heels, gym gear and laundry.

One of the more practical purchases you can make – you’ll wonder how you ever travelled without them.

RRP: Prices from AU$21 plus shipping, from Flight001


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    18th Apr 2015
    This is just a blatant ad - always have used strong plastic bags (not grocery bags) for these purposes - and one for all items which have to be declared so we don't hold up the line at customs - common sense really
    18th Apr 2015
    I use the largest size snap seal type plastic bags. Buy a whole box from the supermarket for much less than mentioned here. You clothes will stay dry and separated from your shoes in another separate bag for each pair. Any wet items can be zipped up and safely away from other items. No problem and not nearly as expensive.
    18th Apr 2015
    I agree Mary, and these bags are so expensive! You'd have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy sufficient bags for packing for a family holiday.

    I bought 100 strong 18 in. x 15 in. plastic zip-lock bags for $25 (outside Australia but I guess can be found there). I used about 8 of them for a recent trip to Australia - one for a suit coat, two for shirts, two for trousers, one for light clothes, one for 2 pairs of shoes etc.

    Using these bags makes unpacking a breeze as you just take out the bag with the clothes you need and the rest stay packed. Shirts etc. don't crease (the bags slide against each other within the suitcase rather than clothes moving against clothes causing creasing). You can also pack whole outfits - one per bag - if your organised. I leave part of the zip-lock open so the air can escape when pressing down to close the suitcase.

    Perhaps the Go Clean bags are better for adventure holidays but for my usual hollidays or business travel, plastic bags are the go!
    Judy in the hills
    18th Apr 2015
    Plastic zip lock bags come in a variety of sizes and are SO MUCH CHEAPER, work equally well, would do the same job, and if you don't want to keep the same ones continuously, just replace when required.
    Thai Traveller
    18th Apr 2015
    Agree with the zip-lock bags, as they are fairly water tight. I took a couple of bottles of roll-on mozzie repellent to Thailand, and packed these in zip lock bags. The low air pressure in the plane obviously caused them to leak, as the bags were lined with repellent. Still, better than have it on the clothes.

    Same goes for the shower kit and small bottles of shampoo etc.

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