Clear car clutter

Car seat organisers are a great way to keep all your smaller in-car essentials in check.

Clear car clutter

Do you have a road trip planned? Or do you just do a lot of driving? This week’s travel gadget is an essential for those who often find themselves in their car.

Driving and multitasking is not also tricky but can be downright dangerous. How many times have you dropped a vital item under your seat only to have to try and fish it out while staying on the right side of the road? Or lost the map at the crucial point as you fly past the correct turn off?

This is where car seat organisers come in handy. Originally, they may have been aimed at giving youngsters in the back seat somewhere to easily store all their in car entertainment, but they can be just as handy for the more mature of us.

A great way to keep all your smaller in-car essentials organised, the car seat organiser fits to the back of any single front seat that has a headrest. With 11 storage pockets it’s made of heavy duty PVC-coated polyester, and is the perfect place to store important maps, electronics, chargers, first aid items or sunglasses – you’ll wonder how you ever hit the road without it.

RRP: $39.00 from 4WD Supa Centre


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    Golden Oldie
    2nd May 2015
    How do you get an item from this "handy" gadget whilst driving the car? If it is on the back of you seat you need to be a contorsionist and have eyes in the back of your head to watch the road.
    2nd May 2015
    Your comment was exactly what I was thinking before I even read the article. Why don't car manufacturers put decient size pockets on the inside of the front doors that be used either by the driver or passenger. In some country areas there is nowhere to pull off the road to reach for items at all, especially in sandy or very wet areas. Some modern cars have a small gove in the dashboard in which you can put sunglasses. You may not want to wear them in cloudy/ wet weather but when it is sunny you will. The kid's ones aren't always as practical as they look either. They reach forward, stretching their seatbelts to get what they want. The new generation seatbelts don't hold you nearly as firmly as the old ones do. They hold stay tight in the event of the driver using the brakes or in an accident. A person I know was recently involved in a car accident (hit from behind by a person who shouldn't have been driving). The paramedics told her she was lucky her airbag didn't activate because if you are wearing glasses they get broken from the impact of it and several people have had cuts on their eyebrows or below their eyes when the frame sits because of it. The airbag didn't activate because her car was hit on the left back corner, not on the front or driver's side at all.

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