Your most common holiday hiccups and how to avoid them

Ensure a trouble-free trip by learning from the mistakes of others.

Your most common holiday hiccups and how to avoid them

Few things can ensure a trouble-free trip more effectively than learning from the mistakes of others. We asked our readers to share insights into their vacation boo-boos so you can avoid them. Olga Galacho reveals the main holiday hitches and how to avoid them.

Ever since Lonely Planet demystified far-flung locations for holidaymakers, reading travel reviews has become an important and fun part of preparing for a vacation.

Learning about a destination from those who went before you can prevent mistakes that could ruin your adventure.

The places you’ll never visit again
When we asked our readers which Australian locations they would not revisit and why, hygiene issues were the top reason cited by many.

Broome was described as a no-go zone by one respondent for being plainly “dirty”, but West Wyalong was another presumably avoidable town because it “smelt of cats’ wee”.

Sometimes it was the ‘natives’ who repelled travellers. A onetime visitor to the Birdsville Races vowed never to return because it was too crowded and “yahooey”. Another would in future give Melbourne a wide berth because the “snobbish locals were too full of themselves”.

And then there was one reader so miserably affected by a trip to Hobart, that they lamented: “Such a sad, sad, sad city. Dreadful. Wrung my soul dry!”

Fortunately, these underwhelming experiences were the exception, with an overwhelming number of our respondents telling us they could not think of a place to which they would never return.


Learning from the mistakes of others
We also asked our readers to share any examples of mistakes they may have made on an Australian holiday.

A large number bemoaned having packed too many clothes for their trip. The team at YourLifeChoices regularly share tips on making your luggage as light as possible. The number one rule for ensuring that you don’t lug around items you won’t need is to pack early. Kay O’Sullivan explains the surprising and foolproof psychology behind ensuring your suitcases are ‘check-in ready’ well in advance.

And our roving travel reporter SJ has dozens of tips on packing correctly so that you can squeeze in a little more. Watch her quick tutorial here. Plus, Leon’s tireless research reveals the most up-to-date gadgets and organisers to get your suitcases in tip-top shape.

Surprisingly, one of the most common mistakes respondents admitted to was not leaving enough time for exploring their destinations. Amelia can relate to this and regularly offers tips on holiday-planning slip-ups to avoid.

Running out of time to sightsee and choosing the wrong vehicle for road trips are typical mistakes for many of our respondents. In order to help you not fall into that pothole, we have reviewed the latest apps designed to make driving around Australia a relaxing and worry-free adventure. Check them out here.

So now that you know how to avoid some of the pitfalls of an Aussie holiday, what are you waiting for? Grab your knapsack and go happily a-wandering!



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    28th Apr 2018
    There's an old saying which goes 'when you fail to plan you plan to fail'. And so it is with travel as well.
    The above tips luckily come naturally to us. It's always a battle with the missus though who wants to pack too much but common sense wins out.
    The biggest mistake travellers make is going on a 1 week trip. You just cannot do a trip well on 1 week and people doing this are likely being ripped off with organised tours which charge as much for one month as could do yourself for six weeks.
    We are at the end of another 3 month touring extravaganza. Cost around what tour operators charge for a 10 day trip. The kicker is we got to see the well worn tourist sights as well as places tourists never are taken. A win win.
    My recommendation is make up your own itinerary, book accommodation through Airbnb and rent a car well in advance. The rest is history. Oh yes....the driving can be a little stressful at times but you'll adjust to local conditions and driving on the wrong side of the road. I did.

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