Cuddle chairs make flying easier

Unless you’re lucky to be up the pointy end of the plane, it can be hard to get some sleep during flights. Even if you’re lucky enough not to be seated near a screaming child, you’re still dealing with cramped conditions and the nightmare of neck pillows.

Boeing’s latest patent, the Transport Vehicle Upright Sleep Support System, aka the Cuddle Chair, is essentially a backpack under your seat.

So how does it work? The backpack attaches to your headrest, allowing you to lean forward and cuddle it. Similar to an upright massage chair, there’s a hole for your face so breathing is easy.

Intrigued? Why not watch this video from Patent Yogi and tell us your thoughts on the Cuddle Chair? Are you looking at your dreaded neck pillow in a new light now?

Read more at Daily Mail.

Written by SJ