The dark secrets that you should know about plane food

Flight attendant lifts the lid on the disgusting truth about plane food.

The dark secrets that you should know about plane food

You may have always suspected that airline food is extraordinarily bad for you, but a flight attendant has now gone some way towards confirming your worst fears.

Shreyas P, an anonymous poster on the popular forum Quora, works as a flight attendant for five of the world’s major airlines and recently spilled the beans on the dark secrets or airline food.

“Airline meals are very unhealthy. Even if you have ordered that raw meal, vegan meal, bland meal,” Shreyas P said.

“The food on your tray is prepared not in the galley but in the aircraft catering which is often done 12 hours before and even days before the aircraft departure.

“The scrambled egg or the omelette that you just had was not only egg but can be a mix of egg and other substitute.

“That cut fruit which is on your tray still looks fresh and how is that possible when it was cut hours before the departure. Have you ever wondered?”

airplane food in the galley

According to the anonymous flight attendant, we might not think the taste of airline food is too bad because of the side effects of flying.

The air pressure inside a plane “causes our taste buds and sense of smell to go partially numb, compared to on ground,” Shreyas P explained.

“This has major impact on how food tastes and smells. This makes it super bland.

“So airline catering in recent years has really pumped up the spices, salts, and fats – all to make your mouth happy.

“This is one of the reasons why crew prefer to get their own food rather than eat aircraft food,” Shreyas P explained.

What has been your worst experience eating plane food? Have you ever taken your own food on a plane rather than eat airline catering?



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    17th Mar 2018
    Sounds like a total beat up Ben. Not the first article in this line of thought.
    Whilst airline food is not in the gourmet class it would be better than a lot of local takeaways. Having said that travellers should always be careful what they eat anywhere...but given how hot the food comes out any bugs would be DOA anyway.
    Give me airline food ahead of a kebab shop any day. So far so good and we have been at this for quite a few years. Rockmelon anyone?
    17th Mar 2018
    What a load of bollocks. he give away is in the second sentence where it reads she works for five of the worlds major airlines. Any other flight attendant will tell you their schedules are so tight this would be physically impossible. Secondly I doubt any airline wouldmconsent to one of their staff working for another airline at the same time.
    17th Mar 2018
    Airlines also use food from the likes of Japan that are banned in other places because of the disaster there
    18th Mar 2018
    What do you mean?
    19th Mar 2018
    greenie, here is just one thing about it -- after the disaster there in 2011 -- plenty more to check out --
    17th Mar 2018
    Going from Perth to London - quick re-fuel stopover in Bombay (now Mumbai) the food for the next leg of journey put on there. Not very palatable, looks like they had tried to cook English food but the Indian way! Felt very unwell when we arrived in the UK and was sick all over my Uncles brand new car!!
    17th Mar 2018
    Last year I travelled to Vietnam on a Singapore Airlines flight. I was served possibly one of the worst meals I have ever eaten - I am vegan and had ordered this when I booked. It was a huge chunk of tofu, sort of grilled, no flavour, sandwiched in between two halves of a bun. Surely an airline with Singapore's reputation can do better than this?
    18th Mar 2018
    Well, what do you expect if you are odd!
    Ted Wards
    19th Mar 2018
    Yes the food on Singapore airlines is rotten even in business class.
    17th Mar 2018
    BE SMART,, RE-BUFF ALL AIRPLANE FOOD, Offered.. Tell { THE COMP }, in advance, to shove it, if prepared 12 HR s, B 4.. Do NOT EVER, EAT their ROCK MELON, Bec of, Listeria. -- READ A L L the Comments. See how EASY, TO Become V SICK, bec of MONGREL Air Lines. The QANTAS GAY BOSS Is PAID A RIP- OFF FORTUNE, WHAT A MONGREL. He wld not Eat AirLine JUNK.. - BOYCOTT Them ;- IT is, Not worth GETTing SICK, From JUNK "MUMBAI" NOR, QANTAS ETC, GARBage FooD. - I hope MANY, MANY People SUE THEM, for FooD SICK-NESS--E S.
    17th Mar 2018
    DON'T LET THE AIR-LINE MONGREL S FOOD POISON Y O U !!!! THEY Would N O T, - cARE ONE IOTA.. Only interested IN PAYing OUT 10 s OF 1,000 S For the Next
    FUEL RE-FILL.. &- STUF Passengers, FED ""MUMBAI"" OR "QANTAS" JUNK FOOD. A L L, IS - NOT, WHAT IT, -SEEMS.. BLAND FOOD SERVED could BE N- O- T Valuable, to You. Saturation Advertisg Of "E L- CHAEP-O" Flights MEANS,- J U N K AIR PLANE FOOD.. WAKE --U P, - PEOPLE.. DON'T BE RIPPED OFF. --- BOYCOTT The MONGREL S, -- the way U -- would, - SCUM BAG RIP - OFF AUSTRALIAN POLITICIAN S.
    18th Mar 2018
    Kev, mate. Calm down please.
    17th Mar 2018
    My worst case was when we were on a Virgin flight from Perth to Sydney and had a so called
    hot meal handed to us, no idea what it was supposed to be some kind of egg dish I think,
    greasy and terrible but I was hungry and managed to get it down, but no sooner was it down than it was up again, luckily I had a sick bag or I would have been wearing it. I have Never been sick on a flight before and never since. But I will NEVER fly Virgin again after that. We had a couple sitting ahead of us whe worked for Virgin and the guy said to his girlfriend, I will never fly with them again...enough said.
    17th Mar 2018
    Might be safer to fast, or take a few snacks with you.
    17th Mar 2018
    There was a time when airline food was rather special. Beautifully presented and everything in miniature. It made the long haul flights a pleasure.
    These days I rather like Virgin airlines because I pay for what I want even if it is just a muffin - its better than a dry sandwich with some odd filling.
    Ted Wards
    19th Mar 2018
    I recently flew to Europe with various stop overs on Singapore airlines in cattle class. We had the choice of brown gloop or white goop. The food was so bad and during the 13.5 hour stretch the toilets were cleaned once because I insisted that the small was that bad it been cleaned. I ended up just buying food when at the airports which was quite nice. Even those on the tour who had flown with them for business class remarked at how horrible the food was which surprised me!
    20th Mar 2018
    QANTAS flight Brisbane to Melbourne lovely fresh club sandwiches but QANTAS flight Melbourne to Brisbane 4 days later horrible charcoal biscuits (inedible) or some kind of rock hard inedible fruit balls in a plastic bag. Decided to console myself with a glass of mouthful was more than enough.
    The good old days of plane travel in the past with always edible tasty meals with a variety of drinks and this included QANTAS, AIR FRANCE, ANSETT, VIRGIN & various american airlines. Train for me from now on!!
    8th Jun 2018
    Flying from Coffs, there are 2 airlines that land and take off, but I book well beforehand, inc. meal on board, being non-stop to Melbourne, so I'm usually one of those served first, and go with the flow, although last flight, my family waited til plane landed, before having a meal in problems so far......

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