Don’t give up on travel

We’re not giving up on travel. And neither should you.

Sure, we’re living in strange times. Certainly a time of uncertainty for travel and tourism. Borders being closed. Airlines shutting down. Cruises lines suspending operations. Governments telling you ‘do not travel’ overseas. We’re swamped by daunting news daily. Most of you are probably not seeing anything but coronavirus news (sure, it’s important, nay necessary, but there’s still more to life).

And while all of these issues may be excuses to forget about travel for now, they’re not reasons to give up on travel. YourLifeChoices isn’t.

Travel – even just dreaming about your next holiday – is a way to escape this crisis. Even if only for a day-trip to the wine region. Or a weekend in the country. Or a short break to the coast. There are still plenty of things you can do in Australia – and many of Australia’s regional communities, and travel and tourism businesses are begging for it.

So, we’re going to find you the things you can do. In our weekly travel news, we’re going to try and stay positive through this crisis. We’ll hopefully provide some inspiration, some constructive travel advice and updates, special offers and deals to places open for business, and tips and inspiration to help you plan for travel beyond this pandemic.

It’s not going to be easy. There’s a dearth of positive travel news at the moment, and we’d be fooling you and ourselves if we said you have unlimited options. Some weeks, we may not have as much content as we’d like. But we’ll endeavour to contact all of our friends in the industry to find you good travel news and keep you updated with what you can do, not just what you can’t or shouldn’t do.

While we’re all slightly freaked out and focused on the present situation, as with all things in life, this too shall pass. We hope you’ll enjoy a bit of escapism and be inspired to plan for post-COVID-19 life.

Even if we’re told we should limit our movements in the coming days. Even if we’re told we can’t leave our houses for a while. Even if you’re not ready to travel, you can still dream about travel.

I know I am.

Let’s dream together. Starting now.


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