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The end of Woolworths’ partnership with Qantas’ Frequent Flyer program may not mean much to some, but for others it could result in the loss of hard-earned points.

Under the terms and conditions of Qantas’ Frequent Flyer program, any accounts that remain inactive for 18 months, i.e. have no points added or used, will be wiped of all points accrued. Therefore it stands to reason that if the only way you add points to your Qantas account is through shopping at Woolworths, you may find that in 18 months time, your account is bare.

According to research, 60 per cent of Woolworths Everyday Reward program members had not redeemed points in the last year and a third had never claimed points. This means that they would stand to lose all their points through simple inaction.

Shoppers can still earn frequent flyer points until 31 December 2015, but from then, they will revert to the new Woolworths Rewards.

So, from this date on, it will become a case of use them or lose them for those members who only earn via shopping at Woolworths. Maybe it’s time to book that flight?

Find out more about expiring frequent flyer points at

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    Its a total rip off anyway and now they don’t even send out your reward card you have to download it and PRINT it out –what if you don’t have a computer OR a printer — there are people that also do not have a car and do not use the petrol either –but they are still paying for it on their bill!!! They — We should have the choice of getting the discount OFF the Groceries.
    I have been onto them for ages about this but they do not even get back to me.

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      Perhaps your mailing address is not recorded properly? I received my new card in the mail last week.

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      All members of the old Everyday Rewards scheme were sent new cards. If your address was incorrect, then that’s why you didn’t get a card. That’s not Woolworths fault.

      Not having a computer is irrelevant. The phone number and snail mail address of Woolworths is on the back of your card, just turn it over and you will find it easily.

      As for the discount off your groceries, it is only for certain products NOMINATED BY WOOLWORTHS, not off your total shopping bill.

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      Yes I got my NEW card but they have stopped sending out the rewards card for –say $10 or such you now have to download and print it out and take it to have it scanned to get the points off your shop

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    Woolworths Everyday Reward program was never much of a “rewards” program anyway. You could only earn points AFTER you spent $30 and it never felt you were being “rewarded” at all. A very poor scheme. No wonder only about 30% of rewards card holders ever used their points – they had hardly any value. I’m not sorry the scheme has gone. I’m just sorry I wasted my time using the card. Their new scheme is just as poor.

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    The way Woolies are going we will not have to worry about their Reward Card much longer anyway, the prices are still over the top, half the time the Specials are not on the shelves or have not been delivered. The so called New rewards card is useless, it will take forever to get the amount of money to get just $10 off your shopping. People will leave in droves and as Aldi is on its way here to Perth that will be the final nail in their coffin.

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      We can only shop once a month and because of trolley load size and packing into vehicle to get home, we do two or there shops one after the other to get what we need. I spend on average around $700 by the time I have finished. I saw on my Woolworths docket that I had earned just over $7.00 off my next shop….whoopee! I’m so excited I don’t know how I will spend it…..
      o… sorry, it comes off my next bill…that will make a big difference! And I’m still not right, it comes off my bill after that because I haven’t got $10 yet…..

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    If people relied on Woolworths wholly and solely for their Qantas FF points, then they would never have got off the end of the runway in any case. Wouldn’t think they’d be missing out on anything.

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    If you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer member and have a QFF membership card the reverse side of the card is a debit MasterCard (Qantas Cash) onto which you can load funds. Activate this facility and load your weekly spend onto it and use it to do all your shopping. You get one Qantas point for each dollar spent and it is also a multi currency card, so if you travel abroad load the currency of your destination onto the card too as you get two points for each dollar spent when abroad. This way your account remains active, you will not lose any points. We have used his method to pay for our shop at Woolworths in the past and in effect kinda “double dip” on points. I also swapped the petrol discount for points which helped us rack up points too. I have been able to pay one way to New Zealand with points on one occasion and saved over $500 on fares with points plus pay on our last trip in September-October this year. And still have nearly enough points for another return trip!

    Yes it will take longer to accumulate points after December 31 when Woolworths ends the partnership with Qantas but by using my Qantas Cash card I will still accumulate points, and as I have a Virgin Velocity frequent flyer membership, I will switch my petrol purchases to BP and swipe my Velocity card to gain points on that account too, and pay for my petrol with Qantas Cash and also get Qantas frequent flyer points! Will grocery shop at Coles, swipe the Fly Buys card, pay with Qantas Cash and get points there too.

    In effect, we will be accumulating points with Virgin, Qantas and Fly Buys and as it is usually possible to use points plus cash to purchase flights, we will have the option to book with Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin even if we do not have enough points to pay for a flight outright with points

    If you travel either domestically or internationally by air, if you book accommodation, consider loading funds to your Qantas Cash facility and use it to pay for these. You will be amazed at how the points rack up! Better still, book hotels via Qantas Frequent Flyer web site if possible, you will often find hotels which you can book and earn bonus points. We have done this in the past and one trip to New Zealand I got 2000 points for booking accommodation this way and the rates were as good as I could get elsewhere.

    Hope this information might be of useful.

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      Well said Vzrider. Many people like to use a loaded debit card & the ability to have different currencies if you travel overseas could be very useful.

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      However I guess the Qantas card it only good if you want to fly?

      My flying days are over now

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      The Qantas Cash Card is quite good, but I think you’ll find that the points earned are, in fact, one Qantas Point for every $1 of eligible spend in foreign currency, and one Qantas Point for every $2 spent in Aussie dollars.

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    Perhaps I was lucky, but I got great value from my Woolworths/Qantas FF points. My daughter lives on west coast Tasmania (Queenstown) & I visit twice a year for the grandchildren birthdays – 2 flights each way, Canberra-Melbourne-Devonport, then hire an Avis car & collect more points. For each flight segment you earn 1,000 more points. Depending on how many points I’ve accrued, I’ve been able to get at least one or two of these flight legs “free” using points. I’m sad to lose the points via Woolworths, but certainly won’t be changing to Aldi who give no rewards at all, dump your groceries at the end of the counter & charge to use a credit card.

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    What happens with shopping at BigW now? I see we can still use reward card until 31st December and get Qantas points but what happens after that with BigW? Will there now be a new rewards card for BigW or will it just fade away …….

  8. 0

    The “Rewards” program is for Woolwoth’s only, not it’s shoppers. By the time you have enough points to go anywhere you’d be older than those on this site.

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    New Woolies reward scheme is certainly no incentive for me. Atleast with the old scheme you got reward points new one zilch for me.

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    I also got my new card last week. I haven’t used it yet. I only shop once a week.

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