Fingerprints are replacing your boarding pass and passport

Boarding passes and passports may soon be a thing of the past.

Fingerprints are replacing your boarding pass and passport

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is now scanning fingerprints to use as both proof of identification and your boarding pass.

New biometric fingerprint technology has been introduced at two US airports to help increase security and reduce time spent in check-in and security queues.

If it works, we may soon see the end of boarding passes and passports.

The TSA has begun a four-week trial of its PreCheck fingerprint ID program at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Denver International Airport and is hoping to evaluate the “operational and security impact of using biometrics to verify passengers’ identities using their fingerprints”.

“TSA looks at technologies and intelligence capabilities that allow us to analyse and secure the travel environment, passengers and their property,” said TSA’s acting assistant administrator, Steve Karoly.

“Through these and other technology demonstrations, we are looking to reinvent and enhance security effectiveness to meet the evolving threat and ensure that passengers get to their destinations safely.

security line at nashville airport

“In the long term, this technology has the potential to automate the travel document checking process by eliminating the need for a boarding pass and identity document, and granting or denying traveller access into the security checkpoint through an electronic gate.”

PreCheck fingerprint identification is seen as the way of the future, and once in place throughout the US, it could be coming soon to an airport near you. At least you can never lose your passport again.

What do you think of this program? Would you be happy having your fingerprints scanned and used as travel documentation?



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    24th Jun 2017
    Haven't they watched the movies?
    24th Jun 2017
    Can't see this happening here. The government will miss out on exhorbitant passport fees.
    24th Jun 2017
    I'm sure they will find some way of having to pay a fee!~!
    20th Jul 2019
    If you travel to USA you will pay $14 dollars to get your entry approved ..... Have a look at ESTA
    Nan Norma
    24th Jun 2017
    Hope it works better than on my new ipad. I had a thumb print for security, when it took for ever and ever to sign me in my IT son removed it and I'm back to using a password.
    24th Jun 2017
    Malaysia. I.e KL has been finger printing the index finger for yrs...
    20th Jul 2019
    Yes correct ...
    24th Jun 2017
    Do we worry about some government agency taking my fingerprints -no. We have already been fingerprinted on entering the USA (funnily enough it was in Vancouver, Canada, when we were boarding a cruise ship to Alaska). We had cruised from Sydney to Vancouver and had already been to American Samoa, Hawaii and Seattle with minimum formality, all the UIS Border Agents wanted was to see we had our passports. My wife and I joke that if we ever rob a bank we must wear gloves as the FBI has our 'prints. With advancing technology it probably won't be long before a skin swab can be instantly analysed for DNA, which may supersede fingerprinting.
    24th Jun 2017
    I think you"re right, Eddy, but I've wondered if the system of someone who undergoes an organ transplant shows the DNA of the donor. That could cause chaos if there's a long queue waiting to board.
    8th Nov 2017
    What a great idea!
    Fingerprints is the go for so many reasons.
    11th Dec 2018
    Yes why hasn’t it been done already .
    7th Dec 2019
    what if your index finger is recently cut or otherwise disfigured by injury ?
    8th Dec 2019
    No just rub some super glue or rub a candle and they will be dificult to get also you can have an insert on your finger with someine else fingerpring he he he he

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