What are hotels doing to prepare for life after lockdown?

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Never have hygiene protocols been more important now that we are adapting to life under COVID-19. The world’s hotel groups are aware that travellers will need full confidence in cleaning measures before they return.

We recently reported on the Hilton Hotel group’s partnership with the Mayo Clinic in developing cleaning protocols, but what have the other hotels been doing to increase traveller confidence.

Here is what we have found.

Hotel limousines are thoroughly sanitised before and after each use and the front passenger seat is kept vacant at all times. Guests are asked to wear face masks at all times and disinfected floor mats are placed at all entrances to clean and sanitise footwear.

There are temperature checks for all guests, health and travel declarations and contact details are recorded, and there are partitions at check-in desks and thorough sanitation of countertops and equipment.

The hotel has a 12-point cleaning regime with hospital-grade disinfectant for frequently touched surfaces, and room attendants will only clean the room in the absence of guests to minimise face-to-face contact.

Every guest is provided with a self-care pack at check-in, consisting of a face mask, hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wet wipes.

Shanri-La is also using ultraviolet light technology and electrostatic spraying to clean rooms, and all soiled linen is placed in double-lined sealed bags and laundered at high temperature.

After each guest departs, the room is kept vacant for a minimum of six hours before housekeeping commences.

Only four people are allowed to take the lift at any time on Shangri-La properties and public spaces are cleaned and sanitised at least hourly.

Hyatt is working on a cleanliness and training accreditation process at all hotels and will have a trained hygiene and wellbeing leader or team at all locations. The leader will be responsible for their hotel adhering to new operational protocols and training.

Hyatt is also working with experts from the Cleveland Clinic to fine-tune safety protocols and consider various aspects of the entire hotel experience.

All Hyatt hotels will have sanitiser stations at prominent places throughout the hotel, more frequent cleaning of public spaces and guestroom surfaces and enhanced food safety and hygiene protocols as well as removal of high-touch items from guestrooms.

Downloading the World of Hyatt app also allows guests mobile check-in and checkout, mobile entry, in-room Chromecast, grab-and-go meal ordering and access to a copy of your bill.

Marriott Hotels
Marriott has appointed a cleanliness council to redefine its cleaning and safety standards. All public spaces are cleaned with increased frequency and all surfaces in guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants, with disinfecting wipes available in every room.

Hand sanitiser is available at hotel entrances, front desks, lifts and meeting spaces, and electrostatic sprayers have been purchased to sanitise all surfaces.

Marriott is also testing ultraviolet technology for sanitising guest keys and shared devices.

The Marriott app also allows your phone to be used for check-in, room access and room service.

Response teams are available to provide round-the-clock assistance to all InterContinental hotels. As well as increased cleaning of public areas and high-touch points in guest rooms, all hotels have been advised on cleaning products and protocols that are effective against COVID-19.

Disinfecting wipes are provided with your key card at check-in at all Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. In line with most other hotel providers, Wyndham has enhanced social distancing measures, more frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch areas and complimentary hand sanitiser for each room.

Which hotels do you think have the best cleaning protocols in place for dealing with COVID-19?

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    I very much doubt that I or any of my friends will travel outside of Qld within the next 2 years, unles traveling is essential it is for the foolhardy.

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    Sad that this Covid-19 happened, as my husband and I enjoy travelling domestic/internatiinal. I, for one, is just not ready to travel away from home.



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