How to beat the post-holiday blues in six simple steps

Coming home from holiday doesn’t have to be a downer.

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Returning from a holiday can often be a bit of a downer, but it doesn’t have to be, especially if you follow these six simple steps on how to avoid the post-holiday blues.

1. Look after yourself
When you return home, the first thing on which you should focus is getting enough sleep. Travel can be tiring, and even though you may not realise how much it takes out of you at the time all that up-and-about activity takes a toll on your body. It’s also wise to eat well and drink in moderation – except for water of course. Exercise will also make you feel good, even if it’s going for a short walk each day.

2. Book your next holiday
This is the best way to beat the post-holiday blues. Book your next trip and start saving yor self for another epic journey. Having a goal is always a good distraction from depression, and there’s no better goal than travelling.

3. Make some changes
Take advantage of your new perspective and make some life changes. Don’t fall back into your everyday routine. Try new food, watch a foreign film or two, make one day or night each week one on which you learn something new or do something that out of your comfort zone. Try to bring home some of that ‘holiday mode’ and stick to it.

4. Inspire yourself
Plan activities that you can look forward to, book yourself into a class or volunteer with a group that helps in an area of interest to you. Visit a gallery, read a book, speak to people who do the things you love, be with those who fire up your imagination and motivate you to be better. Allow yourself to be inspired and follow your dreams.

5. Create a homage to your holiday
Go through your photos and, if you haven’t already taken a travel journal, document your journey. Sort out your receipts, passes and ticket stubs and create an homage to your holiday. Be it a scrapbook, movie, slideshow or some sort of visual or written diary, remembering the good times you had on your trip will put some happy thoughts in your head.

6. Get out and about
Find your local farmers’ market or head to the botanic gardens, or simply go for a walk in the park. You could also meet friends for a coffee, or if you’d like to stay at home, have a drink in the backyard. Being outside lifts your mood, especially if you can get out to nature. Equally, a day trip to the city will also give you a spark to lift your mood. It certainly works for me.

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    3rd Jan 2020
    There are many among us that do not have that problem. They cannot afford to go on holiday in the first place !!
    3rd Jan 2020
    Johnp, you don't have to spend a lot of money to take a holiday - sometimes just a short break/weekend or even one night in a place near your home is good and inexpensive. Sometimes I also "take a holiday at home" by doing things that tourists might do in my city, so I visit places of interest that tourists would visit and try to see things through a visitor's eyes - the buildings, the environment, beaches, countryside etc. Many tourist places of interest are free or low-cost - museums, galleries, public parks, libraries, botanic gardens etc. and these places have changing displays from month to month.
    Give yourself a holiday in your home town - good luck!
    3rd Jan 2020
    Its all about choices
    Some people choose to smoke drink and eat out regularly or buy clothes and food etc which don't get full use before they go in the bin..
    Some people prefer to lay about instead of keeping fit and exercise regularly so they don't need lots of medication.
    We live in the lucky country mate. Its ALL about choices.
    3rd Jan 2020
    Doesn't cost a lof to go on holiday.
    3rd Jan 2020
    Especially if you go to Stopathome eh ozrog?
    3rd Jan 2020
    ozrog I would love to know how you can say that. It costs a small fortune just to smile at someone in an airport.
    Everything is relative I suppose.

    3rd Jan 2020
    Gee I feel so optimistic that 2020 is going to be a great year.
    3rd Jan 2020
    I think this is a rather inappropriate post given the terrible bushfires raging around most of Australia and people being told to evacuate their holiday destinations. The fear and the trauma will stay with them for a very long time.
    3rd Jan 2020
    Its a big country Taragosun. The tourism $ is Australia's bread and butter. - The show must go on!
    If you have been affected by these fires I hope you are OK now. They are indeed horrendous.

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