IKEA’s – questionable – vacation in a box

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As case numbers drop and restriction ease, many Australians are looking around for their next holiday. But it’s easy to forget that most of the world isn’t as lucky as us.

While international travel is a still a dream for many people, IKEA has come up with a solution to help bring the world’s top destinations to you.

Carla Klumpenaar, general manager of marketing, communications and interior design at IKEA UAE, said, “Right now, many people are unable to put a tick on the dream destination they had planned for this year.”

The ‘Vacation in a Box’ from IKEA allows you to choose between Paris, Cappadocia, Tokyo and the Maldives. “With our ‘Vacation in a Box’, it’s easy for people to experience a French-style candlelit dinner or sip green tea while kneeling on cushions inspired by Tokyo,” said Ms Klumpenaar.

While I was initially enticed by the idea, a review of the boxes left me with more questions than answers, namely, why?

There are four different sets you can choose from, including anything and everything from tea strainers to artificial houseplants.

The Sunrise in Cappadocia set includes a coffee or tea pot, two slightly different white tea cups, a coffee measure and clip – never heard of them before – an ornate cushion, colourful napkins, a gold napkin holder, a gold vase and a fake potted palm.

Teatime in Tokyo includes a bed tray, a tea pot, three different types of teacups – why? – plates, two different types of napkins, artificial plants and even more artificial plants.

The Feet Up in the Maldives set includes fairy lights, colourful drinking glasses, two colourful side plates, a patterned lantern, a bed tray – although this one is more colourful than the Tokyo set bed tray – and – you guessed it – a fake plant.

The L’Amour in Paris set features not one, but two double-tiered serving trays, two baskets, a 24-piece cutlery set, a bowl, a plate, a set of different bowls and plates, two much smaller bowls and a notable absence of fake plants!

Now, don’t get me wrong, having a holiday at home may be the perfect way to boost the spirits and shake yourself out of the pandemic slump. But these boxes seem to contain a lot of things you already own, and a lot of things you – quite deliberately – don’t.

Have you tried taking a holiday at home during the pandemic? Would you take a chance on one of IKEA’s vacation boxes?

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