Uber loses its London licence

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Uber has lost the right to operate in London, due to repeated misdemeanours committed by drivers.

Around 14,000 trips were taken with drivers who faked their identity, says Transport for London (TfL), which has since ruled the ridesharing app not ‘fit and proper’ as a licence holder.

While travellers may be inconvenienced by this ruling, London cabbies would be rubbing their hands together with glee.

Having already lost its London licence in 2017, Uber was granted two chances to clean up its act. The latest extension of its licence expired earlier this month. The ridesharing app has been told to address issues with drivers, insurance and safety, says The Guardian.

“Despite addressing some of these issues, TfL does not have confidence that similar issues will not reoccur in the future, which has led it to conclude that the company is not fit and proper at this time,” TfL said in a statement.

“I know this decision may be unpopular with Uber users, but their safety is the paramount concern. Regulations are there to keep Londoners safe,” said London mayor Sadiq Kahn.

London is one of the app’s top five markets. The app plans to appeal the decision.

Have you ever had any problems with Uber?

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    No- haven’tr tried them yet. But as the kids got me an Iphone for Xmas I can now start using Uber.
    HAVE had dramas with taxi drivers. I have lived in melbourne all my life and know it pretty well. So you can imagine my shock when i caught a taxi to drive me home from our cruise port- Staion pier, and i told him to get back to Kingsway and join the Monash freeway there, he starts driving towards the docklands. he said it was a faster way to the Monash- BS, the fare ended up being about $30 more than what I normally pay for that ride. I couldn’t complain because the AH knows exactly where I live. I am an old lady living on my own, I have to think about my safety.
    in brisbane at the airport- a taxi driver refused to take us as he said it wasn’t far enough to go. The taxi we caught cost us $30- that seems far enough to me. the new taxi driver that picked us up was livered when we told him what had just happened to us.

    • 0

      That could happen with a Uber driver too and who is to say you would be safer. At least you can complain to the Taxi company but Uber might not respond. If you put in an official complaint straight away you could have had your money refunded.

  2. 0

    Would never use Uber. Owned by Google who are nothing but parasites breeding other parasites. Don’t comply with legalities, don’t pay taxes and in short are nothing but rip off merchants.

  3. 0

    Google owns 5.2% of Uber

  4. 0

    Google owns 5.2% of Uber

  5. 0

    I did not like that they wanted my credit card number
    a head before even booked

  6. 0

    Congratulations to London for standing up to these exploiters with no standards.
    Now time for other major cities & states to stand up and follow London’s lead – Clover Moore & Gladys, where are you?

  7. 0

    I’ve used Uber in Australia, Edinburgh, St Petersburg, Bucharest and also used Didi in Australia and Grab in Singapore & KL. We’ve never had any problems and the drivers have been extremely helpful and interesting. At one point in St Petersburg we didn’t have access to WiFi to be able to book an Uber. Although it was only a 15 min walk one of our party was elderly and not feeling up to walking so we opted for the taxi at the curb. We asked the price but were told (and shown a device) that it was a metered taxi so we hopped in. Sadly we were fleeced which has never happened with Uber and their app. Taxi took a long route and when questioned why he hadn’t taken turned at a particular street, claimed there was no left turn allowed there (b***s**t). It wasn’t my first time in St Petersburg and the way he took us went on a loop past a particularly good restaurant effectively doubling the distance but since we had caught an Uber to and from that restaurant the night before which cost less than AUD$6 return I wasn’t too concerned. That was until he presented us with his “device” showing an amount equivalent to AUD$42. To add insult to injury he didn’t even get us to our front door as the route he took made that rather awkward so we agreed to get out early and walked the last few minutes. All in all I’ve never been fleeced by ride share and have on a number of occasions by taxis so I really don’t care if Google owns part of it or it’s putting taxi drivers out of business as they only have themselves to blame with their worldwide reputation of ripping off travelers.



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